Friends. Food. Music. Fun.

Finally, after so many months, I had a reunion with my “tropa” last Friday. Well, almost all of them anyway. Some are out of the country. One’s just MIA. Hahaha. We belatedly celebrated our birthdays (Jas’, Tim’s, Yeng’s, Melai’s, Eloi’s, and mine), but it was an advanced celebration for Rhia since she’s leaving for Singapore soon. 😦 We stuffed ourselves full (almost overflowing) with an eat-all-you-can food fest at Yaki Mix Mall of Asia branch. Weekday lunch costs Php 499, which already includes the bottomless drinks. Dinner, weekends, and holidays cost Php 580 plus Php 55 for the bottomless drinks.


We almost couldn’t move because of all the food we ate. And add to that the bottomless drinks, whew.  And I made a boo boo in their restroom. I  was getting soap from a wall-mounted dispenser but since I wasn’t paying much attention (I was talking to Melai who was at my back), it just suddenly flew and crashed on the tiles. Soap was everywhere. It was really embarrassing. My apologies again to the crew who were I think about to go home but then they still had to clean up my mess.

Since we really missed each other’s company, we couldn’t just up and leave after eating. We decided to go to a videoke place right along the Macapagal Boulevard, Music Match .It costs Php 440 per room per hour. Quite alright since there was 10 of us. They had shisha so Jason was definitely happy about that. It costs Php 300, like the ones in Greenbelt. “The Bar” was a rip-off at Php 300! It’s not even a hundred pesos in Mini Stop. But we ordered it anyway. Hahaha. Memorable songs include “Please Be Careful With My Heart” performed by Marj and Tim, and “No Air” performed by Jason and Ann. *wink wink*It was a great evening. We all had so much fun. I wish we could do this more often.

It’s a really great feeling when you see your friends after a very long time and yet you feel as though you only saw each other yesterday. Nothing much has changed. The bond is definitely still there. Some just gained weight, some became single, some became part of a couple. But still, you feel that friendship is still very much alive. It’s true what they say that no matter the distance and no matter the time, friends will always be friends. ^_^


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