It’s always fun to go back and re-read our old blogs/blog posts. There’s always a medley of emotions as you launch into reminiscing the old times. You might laugh, you might cry, you might feel embarrassed, you might feel depressed,  and all else there is. You really can’t help but be nostalgic. Sometimes you wouldn’t even believe what you were able to write at those times.  You’d be surprised at what you will discover about yourself. Then you’d realize how much you’ve grown in your thoughts. How mature you have become now. Although it’s not always like that. Sometimes we actually become more childish as we grow older.  But that’s not always a bad thing. It only means we are not taking life too seriously, and that all the angst we used to carry has somehow managed to go away. As we go along with life we  tend to forget bits and pieces of our history. Sometimes willingly, sometimes not. So old posts are there to remind us of the things that helped shape our present. With that, I guess blogging is a good thing. When our memories fail us, we only have to read some posts to help us remember the life we missed.


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