Being Left Behind Is Always The Hardest Part…

Given the choice, I’d always rather be the one to leave than the one that’s left behind. But life doesn’t always work out that way. There are times when it’s all okay, no hard feelings, no big deal. But there are times when it’s a bit hard to accept. Like now. So allow me to talk about him.

Early last year, I left my old job and almost immediately found a new one. I love it here. I love the environment, the people. That’s always a big plus factor for me. I became part of the “lunch table” people. During our lunch break, they would set up this monoblock table on a small space beside the test area and bring out the monoblock chairs. We didn’t really talk that much since I was still new, so I was kind of quiet.  Eventually, I loosened up. We used to go out and drink almost everyday, well, not really. But it was rather frequent. I think that’s when we really bonded.  More so because we both live in the South and would usually go home together after those drinking sessions (with 2 other “South people“). Us being friends sort of came as a surprise to me because when I was still new I was kind of afraid of him. I thought he was “mayabang” and “malakas ang dating“. Even the way he walked around was as if he owned the world. But first impressions do not really last. Soon, I found out we jived. We’re not the usual type of friends. I mean, we’re not always together. We rarely text. And we don’t talk on the phone. But we are friends, no doubt about that. He has stood by me, and never hesitated to extend help when I need it. He has always been there whatever it is I am going through, happy or sad, with the right advice. He has been very kind to me to the point “na nahihiya na ako sa kanya” but he told me not to feel that way. He said if we are really friends that should be nothing. I guess he is right. He has been a great “pren” to me. I have a lot of shortcomings but still I am very much happy that he still considers me one of his closest friends. I know that his leaving the office will not entail an end to our friendship but I can’t help but feel sad because I know I will miss him terribly. I will miss the way his saliva is shooting all over the place. I will miss the times he would fart on my face while I’m sitting here at my desk. I will miss the times he would help me with my internet and e-mail problems. I will miss his “sungit” moments especially in the morning when he first comes in. I will miss his “pang-aasar“. I will miss the times I would go to his desk just to make “kulit“. I will miss the times we would work overtime and order food. I will miss the “yosi“+”kwentuhan“. I will miss his overly ripped Guess jeans (haha!). I will miss eating lunch with him. I will miss the drives home, all the things we talk about, his words of wisdom. We can talk about anything, really. From Philippine transportation to body odor; our secrets, pet peeves, anything. And I really learn a lot of things from him because he is never selfish with his knowledge. Things will be very different come next week Saturday. His seat would be empty when I pass by. I would no longer see the top of his head when I take a peek from the other side of the divider. I will no longer see him everyday, only once in a while (if at all). I will miss him, period. Being left behind is always the hardest part… 😦

4 thoughts on “Being Left Behind Is Always The Hardest Part…

  1. aw. mahal mo na siya. =)) biro lang.
    mamimiss ka din niya, siguro. hahahaha!
    mas mahirap kaya ung iwan mo ung mga taong mahalaga sayo. 😛

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