My Manasmi

Last night before sleeping, I shed tears because I knew that things will be really different starting today. I couldn’t contain my sadness. This morning, the tears fell again. But for a different reason. My maternal grandmother is in the hospital. I call her my “manasmi”. I was shocked. I thought she was at the peak of health even at her age. She was a really strong woman.  I can’t imagine her confined to a hospital bed. God, I hope she’s alright. Or that she will be  soon. I’m not yet ready for… I would rather not discuss it. Let’s not go there. Please pray for her. I really miss her. She was the one who took care of me when I was young. My father was overseas and my mom was working in Manila. I was left in her care, and my uncles. I was the only “apo” and “pamangkin” on their side of the family for so long. I feel a little lost right now…

I wish I'd see her this happy when we visit her tomorrow.

—  Manasmi,

Please be okay.


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