Lunch out at Cyma

I should’ve blogged this yesterday but I was kind of “out of it” so anyway, it just so happened that we all didn’t bring food for lunch so we decided to eat out. After giving it a lot of thought, we decided to go to Shangri-La Edsa Plaza Mall. We then proceeded to the Ledge at the 6th floor to look for a place to eat, somewhere we haven’t tried before. Then came a suggestion, “Let’s try Cyma”. So we went in and got seated. Great ambience. But we noticed that the crowd was composed mostly of slightly older people. No yuppies. Anyway, we decided to order a salad and a pasta for sharing amongst our group. For the salad, we ordered the Family Style Greek Salad with Traditional Greek Vinaigrette. It had mixed greens, red cabbage, tomatoes, capers, cucumber, Feta cheese, pine nuts, bow-tie pasta, and black olives. I loved it, though at first bite it strongly tasted of oregano.  We got it in Family size and the serving was really big.  There was 6 of us but we almost couldn’t finish it. Pardon the pictures. A 2-megapixel camera phone + shaky hands = not so good photos.

Family Style Greek Salad, Php660

Then for the pasta, we got the Garides mi Feta Spaghetti (Greek Gambas Pasta).  We also ordered this in Family size. It’s roasted shrimps with tomatoes, Feta cheese, spaghetti and some grated Parmesan cheese. It’s a little on the sour side, just the way spaghetti should be. I loved the very generous serving of shrimps. Although some appeared to be old or overcooked since they were hard to peel.

Garides mi Feta Spaghetti, Php780

We also ordered two Chicken Gyros, one with Roasted Potatoes. It has tomatoes, red onions, Tzatziki (I think this was the sauce) wrapped in pita bread. According to the menu, this is Cyma’s Best! It is great indeed. The pita bread appeared to be wheat and was thick and soft. Yummy!

Chicken Gyro with Roasted Potatoes, Php 160 for the Gyro then add Php 100 for the potatoes

It sort of felt like a farewell lunch because two of the “resignees” (if there is such a word) were with us. I guess it really was. Oh, and thanks “pren” for subsidizing the bill. Good food, good people, good times! 🙂


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