According to Wikipedia, a spoiled child is a child that has been overindulged by his or her parents. Psychologists may describe spoiled children as “overindulged”, “grandiose”, “narcissistic” or “egocentric-regressed”.

Definitely, I wasn’t overindulged by my parents. Neither with material things nor with love and attention. I am not grandiose. How would I be? I’m lacking in the money department. So boo. I am not narcissistic. I don’t even remember to comb my hair sometimes. I am not egocentric-regressed. I’m not so sure what it actually means but I am sure I am not so.

I therefore conclude that I am not spoiled. So don’t flatter yourself.

* I hope you get the chance to read this and I hope you get my sarcasm with that last statement!


7 thoughts on “Spoiled

  1. I did overindulge my first born, and I am a mother who has the child described by your Wikipedia quote.

    Today I suffer terribly with my 18 year old son whom I’ve kicked out of our home for being a complete monster, and today he does everything in his power to torment me.

  2. hi lucesitam. i cannot blame you for overindulging your son. it’s not right but understand where parents are coming from. it is really hard to resist especially with the first baby. but i feel bad that you are being made to suffer so much. sorry about that. but i hope you’ll both eventually find a way to communicate and build a better relationship. good luck!

  3. Thank you for your support. We kicked him out of the home and are letting him learn on his own. We feel that the school of hard knocks is the only way to make him reflect on his behavior.

    Today, he called and I did not answer the phone. I want him to get a taste of what he has given me. It is very painful for me, and I worry an awful lot but I don’t have any other options left.

  4. Like I said in my prior post, I don’t take all of his calls and I deny him money and other help that he asks for. I’ve noticed that he has become more civil with me but I’m still keeping a good distance for now.

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