I had lunch with the Hotchix (minus JS) today. JM suggested we eat at Burgoo.

I haven’t tried it so I instantly said yes. Food was overflowing. It was too much for just the 3 of us. For the appetizer, we ordered the Cheddar Cheese Fries (Regular size); French Fries topped with warm cheddar cheese and bacon bits. In this pic, we already dug in before taking the picture. Haha. JM sprinkled some salt on them so you might notice some crystals in there.

Regular Cheddar Cheese Fries, Php 145

For the main course, there’s Seafood Au Gratin, a combination of shrimps, calamari, mussels and clams in half shell, in pink sauce and Bucatini pasta, with grated Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses. As per doctor’s orders, I am not allowed to eat seafood so I can not really comment on its taste so I won’t be able to give it justice.  The garlic bread’s very good though. Very tasty.

Seafood Au Gratin (Regular size), Php 315

Second to arrive is the Grilled Chicken Alfredo, Spaghetti pasta in Alfredo sauce with grilled chicken breast and oven baked tomatoes. It’s really creamy and delicious. The chicken’s a little dry but still tasty.

Grilled Chicken Alfredo (Regular size), Php 275

Then came the Hamburgoo. And whoa it’s double patty! I didn’t expect that. I didn’t notice the extra “s” in patties in the description. Hahaha! The patties were charbroiled, a combination of pork, chicken, and beef. It also has onions, cheese, tomatoes, and pickle, with fries on the side. I had to split this into two open half buns and eat this the “sushal” way, using a fork and knife. The patties are very juicy and tasty and it’s heavy on the tummy.

Hamburgoo, Php 295

B was famished (JM and I thought so) since she also ordered Fish ‘n Chips for good measure. It’s Cream Dory slices, seasoned, breaded, and deep fried served with fries, coleslaw, and tartar sauce. It was so-so. I’ve had better. The tartar sauce was bland. The coleslaw was just okay. There was really nothing special.

Fish ‘n Chips (Regular size), Php 325

I’d still want to go back to Burgoo and try the other items on the menu. Can I just add that my orange juice was super cute?

Orange Juice, Php 125


Friday, together with some office friends, I signed up for the Century Tuna Super Bods Marathon at the Timex store in SM Megamall. They also accompanied me to buy running shoes. And we also tried to scout for aqua shoes for our upcoming Palawan trip. Shopping (window or otherwise) can make one extremely hungry so we decided to eat at Racks.

There’s 5 of us so we opted to order the Racks Family Platter. It’s a combination of grilled ribs and chicken, with rice, baked beans, coleslaw, and a pitcher of coke.

Baked Beans, Ribs and Chicken, Coleslaw (sayang malabo pic ng coleslaw)

We were not able to finish off everything. “We were stuffed” is definitely an understatement. The meat are all tender, they fall off the bone with no effort at all. But what’s the best about Racks is actually their barbecue sauce. Mix some of the hot into the regular for a nice kick. I didn’t taste the beans but they said it tastes just like the pork and beans in can. The coleslaw is rather good though. Good food for a good night. 😀


My January

I love reading and I love watching movies. The first “book” I started and finished for 2010 is a “Kikomachine Komix”. It’s the 5th installment, titled “Alab ng Puso (Sa Dibdib Mo’y Buhay)”.

Kikomachine Blg. 5 Alab ng Puso (Sa Dibdib Mo'y Buhay)

I love reading Kikomachine because it never fails to make me laugh. I find myself laughing so hard every page or so. My mom often checks in on me, thinking I’ve gone totally bonkers. It’s a great stress reliever.

*Thanks Marjun for lending me this. 🙂

Funny that I haven’t been to the cinemas for this year yet. Last weekend I decided to watch a movie on my laptop. My movie collection keeps on growing in number but I always lack the time to watch any of them. I decided on “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, which stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

At first, I was really confused (those who already watched this would know what I mean). I was really lost so I had a eureka moment at the end of the movie. What can I say, it’s a great film. And I love the thought that even if they erased each other from their memories, they still met, and fell in love. The power of love: if you’re really meant to be together, you will find your way no matter what happens. You cannot escape it. 😉


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