This post is long overdue. Anyway, a friend, her brother, and I had dinner last December 23 after buying her “realization of a dream”. Since my friend was craving for pasta, I decided to take them to one of our favorite places at the Atrium of SM Megamall, Gotti’s. We ordered:

Regular (Serving) Spaghetti Pesto, Php 135

I absolutely love Pesto and this tastes just right for me, not like the others that taste like grass. I specifically asked the waiter to not include the nuts but sadly they’re already incorporated into the pesto sauce. But it’s okay since they were almost non existent. I wasn’t able to chance upon big bits of nuts. It has no meat either, just plain pesto yummy-ness. And it’s healthy too, since it uses olive oil. 😉

Regular (Serving) White Spaghetti, Php 155

Fettuccine with white sauce and mushrooms, much like Carbonara. I’m honestly lost on the difference. It still tastes good though. The sauce is not too thick.

Mi Mama's Quattro Formaggi (4 Cheese) Pizza, Php 296

And of course, what is a visit to an Italian resto without ordering pizza? This is my ultimate favorite pizza from Gotti’s. The taste of blue is cheese is dominant on some parts and it tastes great. Other than blue cheese, I think it has cheddar too. I forgot the other two. I don’t really pay attention to the description on the menu. Hihi.

The bread that comes with the pasta are great too. Very tasty. And another great thing is that they are very generous with the parmesan cheese, unlike other restaurants where you had to pay for extra. Two thumbs up for Gotti’s, that’s why we keep coming back. 😀


2 thoughts on “Gotti’s

  1. ginutom ako sa post mo, beshy~! dati pa ba ang gotti’s sa megamall? first time ko naglunch sa gotti’s nung jan.4 lang~! sarap ng pasta at pizza~! yum-yum~! date mo ako dyan, beshy ha?

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