Friday, together with some office friends, I signed up for the Century Tuna Super Bods Marathon at the Timex store in SM Megamall. They also accompanied me to buy running shoes. And we also tried to scout for aqua shoes for our upcoming Palawan trip. Shopping (window or otherwise) can make one extremely hungry so we decided to eat at Racks.

There’s 5 of us so we opted to order the Racks Family Platter. It’s a combination of grilled ribs and chicken, with rice, baked beans, coleslaw, and a pitcher of coke.

Baked Beans, Ribs and Chicken, Coleslaw (sayang malabo pic ng coleslaw)

We were not able to finish off everything. “We were stuffed” is definitely an understatement. The meat are all tender, they fall off the bone with no effort at all. But what’s the best about Racks is actually their barbecue sauce. Mix some of the hot into the regular for a nice kick. I didn’t taste the beans but they said it tastes just like the pork and beans in can. The coleslaw is rather good though. Good food for a good night. 😀


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