This was my SSPOTM = Single Song Playlist Of The Moment today and will be for the next few days, I think. I don’t know why but this song really speaks to me. It’s full of emotions and I really feel the effect every time I listen to it. It’s like my heart’s overflowing with love. My emotions are running on high. I feel like my chest’s gonna burst and all the love I feel will flow out and it makes me wanna hug everyone within reach. I guess it’s also because the lyrics are easy to relate to. ~sigh~



Katharine McPhee featuring Jason Reeves

You by the light
Is the greatest find
In a world full wrong you’re the thing that’s right
Finally made it through the lonely to the other side

You said it again my heart’s in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I’m at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows burning in the dark,
And I’m in love and I’m terrified.
For the first time in the last time
In my only life.

This could be good
It’s already better than last
And nothing’s worse than knowing
You’re holding back
I could be all that you needed
If you let me try

You said it again my hearts in motion
Every word feels like a shooting start
I’m at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows burning in the dark
And I’m in love and I’m terrified
For the first time in the last time
in my only

I only said it cause i mean it
I only mean cause it’s true
So don’t you doubt what I’ve been dreaming
Cause it fills me up and holds me close
Whenever I’m without you

You said it again my hearts in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
Watching the shadows burning in the dark
And I’m in love and I’m terrified
For the first time in the last time
In my only life


Dairy Queen

Someone invited me for a quick trip to DQ before goin’ home and I happily obliged. We went to the Bridgeway, 3rd level of SM Megamall where they had a stall with a few seats in and outside of the store.

It took a while for us to make up our minds but then we finally settled for a 12 oz. Chocolate Almond Blizzard for him and a 12 oz. Chocolate Chips Blizzard for me. This is my favorite. I’ve been ordering this since I was a kid. Until now, I still love it. It’s really creamy with lots and lots of crunchy chocolate (they’re not really chips). Such a sugar rush.

12 oz. Chocolate Chips Blizzard, Php 79

12c oz. Chocolate Almond, Php 79

I wasn’t able to taste his ’cause I’m not allowed to eat nuts. But I bet it’s just as good as mine. DQ is love. 😀


Family Dinner at Super Bowl of China

Since I would be gone for most of Sunday, I decided to treat my parents out for dinner on Saturday after a whole day of pampering myself. I guess you can consider it my Valentine’s Day gift to them. I gave them the freedom to choose where to eat. As expected, they chose a Chinese Restaurant so we ended up at Super Bowl of China (a favorite of theirs).

But I’m not really complaining since they serve really good food. While waiting for the food to arrive, they gave us a bowl of shrimp crackers as appetizer. They were good that we even had this refilled! 😉

Shrimp Crackers, free 😉

First to arrive was the Dim Sum Combination Platter, which contained 3 pork siomai, 3 deep fried wantons,  2 hakao (shrimp dumplings), 4 vegetarian spring rolls, and a BBQ pork siopao. I loved the siomai. The wantons were a little different, not really to my liking. The spring rolls were okay, just a little oily. I didn’t taste the hakao since I’m not allowed to eat shrimp. The siopao was a little dry. It also lacked flavor, good thing the mantao tasted good even on it’s own and soft too.

Dim Sum Combination Platter, Php 260

After that, shit happened. My phone ran out of battery and I had to borrow my dad’s phone which has a lesser MP camera so the next pictures are not pleasing to the eyes. And no, I’m not putting my dad down for that. Next to arrive was the Diced Chicken with Salted Fish Fried Rice. It somewhat looks like Yang Chow, since it’s also yellowish in color. Dad was commenting that there’s no salted fish in the rice, only a few bits of chicken. But that was okay since it still tasted a little salty, but it was just right even for those with low tolerance for salty food.

Diced Chicken with Salted Fish Fried Rice, Php 220

The Steamed Fish Fillet With Garlic came next. The fish, which I guessed was Cream Dory, was really tender and was nestled in a garlic flavored clear liquid and topped with some soft (and I say soft because they’re not crunchy) garlic bits. This is a family favorite. We order this every time we eat at a Chinese Restaurant.

Steamed Fish Fillet With Garlic, Php 260

We also ordered Deep Fried Pork Ribs With Spicy Salt. But most of the pork was actually liempo and not ribs. Not that I’m complaining. I was just saying. I don’t know how they did it but each bite is really flavorful. Salty and spicy at the same time.  It’s also served with bell peppers and chili. I loved it. It’s our first time to order this and we just might add it to our staple orders, since I cannot eat squid/cuttlefish now too.

Deep Fried Pork Ribs With Spicy Salt, Php 270

We also ordered one of their new offerings, the Hot Shrimp & Fish Salad. Salads are supposed to be served first. Well, that’s usually what happens but ours came last. But it’s definitely worth the wait. It had shelled and breaded shrimp, boneless breaded fish fillet, fried and mixed with mayonnaise (home made according to their menu). It also had some fruits (as in the ones you find in a can of fruit cocktail) at the bottom and some minced lemon rind sprinkled at the top. It’s heavy on the tummy so I really didn’t get to eat much of it. But it’s definitely a winner.

Hot Shrimp & Fish Salad, Php 300

We were stuffed. I must admit I love Chinese food to so I guess it’s okay that my parents picked the predictable.  I wish I had better pictures though.


Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things

Last Friday, after our badminton game, I went to Ortigas Home Depot with F and W for some buffalo wings. Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things has always been a favorite.

Staple order is a basket of fries, Triple Sampler of Firehouse Classic, and Bleu Cheese Dip. The Firehouse Classic is at the middle of their hotness meter. It’s just right for me too. With the sampler, you can actually choose 3 different types of hotness but we chose to have just one. I’m not sure if the weight is at 1.5 pounds, more or less. These are the best buffalo wings I have ever tasted. Really tasty and juicy. The juice can actually squirt once you cut into the chicken if you’re not careful. For the second round of wings, we had the Dial 911 which was 2nd to the hottest on the list. It was too much. I can feel my lips and the area around it burn.

Triple Sampler, Php 369

Their fries are really good too. They’re cut like the ones from Wendy’s, bigger than the usual. They’re sprinkled with salt and pepper before being served. I’m not sure what else but they really taste good even without ketchup or any other dip. But everything still tastes best with the Bleu Cheese dip which you can order as an add-on for Php 25.

Basket of Fries, Php 75

Had a great night catching up with F and W over some great food. What’s even better was that it’s all free courtesy of W’s first salary at his new company. Hahaha. So great food + great company = great night. Indeed. 😀


How I Spent My Valentine’s Day

At 2PM, I went to C’s house for a triple celebration. It’s her birthday, baby shower, her sister’s graduation celebration all rolled into one. As expected, there was a lot (and I really mean a lot) of food on the table. Everything was super yummy. I was stuffed in no time. But I had to leave early for E’s first birthday party (E is T’s cousin and J’s godson). I wasn’t able to participate in the games and I wasn’t able to see 2 of my high school friends because they were super late. So after R and J picked me up, we went to Jollibee at Santana Grove. It was fun, and it was food overload again. I felt like my tummy was gonna pop from all the eating. We didn’t wanna just go home, it being Valentine’s Day and all. We decided to watch Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief at SM Mall of Asia. Major fail. It was super traffic since the Pyromusical Event coincided with the holiday. Good thing J remembered a videoke place at the HK Sun Plaza, just along Macapagal Boulevard that wasn’t too expensive. We went there instead.

The place was called Music Bank Family KTV and Restaurant. It had really nice interiors with a grand staircase and all. I fell in love with the place. What’s even better was that they charge just Php 83 per person per hour. I think that’s reasonable enough. The room we were assigned to seemed big enough for a group of 6 persons or more. It was really spacious with space to dance around. They even had  a pair of maracas for added fun. J said the bigger rooms also have wigs with bright colors, much like the videoke places you see in Korean movies and TV shows. Hygiene is obviously valued since their mics had covers and are changed after every use. Their toilets had toilet paper in every cubicle and liquid soap is available on the sink. I really had so much fun with them. We miss T and A but still that didn’t stop us from celebrating singles’ day with each other. R ordered the Couple Pack which included 3 beers, a glass of iced tea, nachos, fries, onion rings, and shrimp crackers all for Php999 including 2 hours of stay for 2 people. So our bill amounted to around Php 1200, including the 2 hours for the extra person. I think it was a reasonable amount after 2 hours of fun and overflowing food which we didn’t even get to finish. Definitely a good night for us.

I had the best Valentine’s Day this year thanks to wonderful friends. That’s why I’m okay with being single. I have great friends who love me anyway. 😉