Army Navy

I was supposed to get a haircut with R, but then I changed my mind. I don’t really want a new look, just a trim to get rid of the dry and split ends. I realized Php 350 is too much to pay for just that. Yes, “nagkuripot ako“. So anyway, I just accompanied him then we met up with J for dinner at Army Navy in Glorietta 5.

Tissue Design

We all got the Quarter Pounder and added a slice of cheese. The pattie is really all natural. It also has fresh lettuce (and I do mean fresh), a tomato slice, onions, mayo, and ketchup. They use toasted sesame seed Kaiser buns, something different from other burger joints. I love it. After finishing the whole burger, it leaves you with sort of flaming lips. Just some mild kick. It’s not really uncomfortable.

Quarter Pound Burger, Php 135 (add a slice of cheese, Php 25)

We shared an order of onion rings and “Freedom Fries”. Their onion rings are really good, they come close to those from Brothers Burger (which I thought were the best I ever tasted). The fries are thinly sliced and very crispy, and zesty.

Onion Rings, Php 60

Freedom Fries, Php 60

We also ordered their Libertea Iced tea, which tasted like the one from Wendy’s. Of course I loved it. It has just the right amount of citrus flavor.

Libertea Iced Tea (Large), Php 55


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