Fish & Co.

Our team had lunch at Fish & Co. together with our GM. It’s my first time to try it since I am always hesitant, thinking it’s too expensive. But lunch today was free. Woo hoo! 😉

Z and I ordered the Philadelphia Fish ‘n Chips but instead of getting the chips, we opted to have the Seafood Rice. The fish was huge! Two people can actually share it. It’s crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, with cream cheese to boot. But the Seafood Rice was wrongly named. It was like java rice, with red bell peppers, raisins, and a very rare, 1 small cube of salmon. Anyway, Ms. M got the Best Fish ‘n Chips in Town (yes, that’s its name) with vegetables.

Philadelphia Fish 'n Chips, Php 465

Best Fish n' Chips in Town, Php 405

For J, he got the Porkchop Basilico, 2 thick slabs of porkchop with Seafood Rice and vegetables. It’s flavorful but the meat lacks in tenderness.

Porkchop Basilico, Php 500+ (I forgot the exact price)

A ordered the Seafood Platter. It had prawns, calamari, fish fillet, fries, and seafood rice. I’m just not sure what the fish was. It all looked appetizing enough. But I was not able to taste this except for the fries.

Seafood Platter, Php 385

A and I also ordered mocktails, Pink Passion specifically. I don’t remember the contents other than grenadine. Hahaha. It actually tastes like Zombie, without the alcohol content. Z got the Mango juice.

Pink Passion Mocktail, Php 155

Mango Juice, Php 130


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