Karate Kid

I love Japanese <fast> food. So it’s no wonder that I love Karate Kid. Yes, it’s not really an authentic Japanese place but still. It’s good enough for me. They have a newly opened branch at SM Megamall, replacing Ohana at the 2nd floor, Building A. We had lunch there today. Their Pork Katsudon never fails to make me smile. The pork is tender, coated in crispy, flavorful batter. Mixed with the rice is a somewhat sweet sauce (tastes similar to Teriyaki) that complements the viand well. The egg that covers the pork is neither raw nor overcooked, just right.

Pork Katsudon, Php 105

Something new I tried from this branch is the Japanese Burger Pasta. Simply put, Spaghetti topped with a burger pattie. It’s not sour, nor sweet and it’s not smothered in sauce, just enough to cover the pasta. It was just surprising how small the pattie was, when it looked regular sized from the picture on their menu board. But is still tastes great. Pure beef, and no extenders.

Japanese Burger Pasta, Php 95

M tried the Tsukini Balls Meal, composed of tiny chicken balls covered in a sweet sauce atop a bowl of rice. This is a meal for kids so it’s understandable that the serving’s small.

Tsukini Balls, Php 75

A and B shared an order of Pork Teppanyaki and 4 pieces California Maki. I like their California Maki because they put Mayonnaise on top. The Pork Teppanyaki was okay I guess, just a little oily. It comes with 2 bowls of rice and 2 glasses of bottomless punch tea. And notice that the vegetables overwhelm the pork.

Pork Teppanyaki, Php 250

California Maki, Php 39

Oh, and M also ordered Iced Royal Tea. It tasted more like coffee to me but it’s still good. It’s like Nai Cha (Milk Tea) but with a hint of coffee (but anyway that’s just according to my taste buds haha).

Iced Royal Tea, Php 95

* Karate Kid offers unlimited rice (rice all you can), something that Tokyo Tokyo no longer does so that adds to their plus points. 😉


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