Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak

After doin’ Breakfast Club last Saturday, we proceeded to Harbour Square for lunch. We were parked in front of Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak so we ended up eating there. I always thought it was a Pepper Lunch copycat. I’m not sure which of them was established first but then I realized it’s always like that, one thing clicks, other similar products/service start to appear like mushrooms. It doesn’t really matter anymore which was first as long as they all serve their purpose well.

I like their ordering system. They have the order form on your table plus a pencil so you can think and change your mind at you own pace, without wasting a server’s time. Once you are done, they have this sign, which you had to flip to indicate that you need to be served. I think it’s the first restaurant I’ve been to with this kind of system. I failed to take a picture because I was too busy chatting with my friends. I also liked it that they don’t leave the utensils just sitting on the table. They are placed in a basket with a tablecloth-like cover.

As for the food, JN ordered the Crunchy Kani Salad. It’s shreded cucumber with lettuce, crispy kani rolls, mayonnaise, and orange roe. It’s a totally different Kani Salad from what I am used to. It didn’t fly for me. I also think they should shred the lettuce too or at least cut it into smaller pieces and distribute it over the plate so it would look better.


Crunchy Kani Salad, Php 125

JP ordered the Pork Curry Pepper Rice, thinly sliced pork with seasoned rice, cracked pepper and curry powder. It’s undeniably curry. Haha. It was okay. But I have no picture. He wolfed it down as I was busy with my own food. R and I ordered the same thing, Beef Pepper Rice (their best seller). Similar to J’s but it’s beef instead of pork and it has no curry powder. Instead, the beef  sukiyaki was marinated in their special sauce (well, that’s according to them). Here’s the countdown to the devastation:

1. As it arrives, wait a moment for the beef to cook.

2. Flip them over to cook the other side of the beef.

3. Pour the sauce.

4. Mix the beef and rice together.

5. Put utensils on the side. Php 195 all gone. *BURP*

Oh, and I also added a sauce (similar to tempura sauce in taste, color, and consistency) to make it taste even better than it already does. 😉


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