Orchard Road

No, I’m not in Singapore.  Tuesday – While on a secret mission, we chanced upon this newly opened restaurant at the Bridgeway, 3rd floor of SM Megamall while on our way to National Book Store, at the Building A.

They have an open kitchen, as in you can see everything the chefs do while preparing your food. Talk about transparency.

Once seated, they give you an order form. They encourage you to take a peek into their kitchen then decide what food you want to order, fill up your order form, then go straight to the counter to pay. According to the order form, your number will be called but they actually just bring the food over to your table.

Order Form

What I noticed with our orders, was that we still stuck with what was familiar to us. A and I got the Hainanese Chicken Rice; steamed (or so it seemed) chicken with Hainanese rice. The ginger dip was heavenly. The chicken, bland on its own came to life if taken together with rice and the ginger dip.

Hainanese Chicken Rice, Php 155

A and E chose the Char Siew Asado Rice, thin slices of pork with char siew sauce and plain rice. Their main complaint was the sauce was “bitin“.

Char Siew Asado Rice, Php 125

M was feelin’ adventurous so he then ordered the Black Pepper Pork and Rice. It was served with egg.  It tastes good, a familiar taste actually. It was somewhat like Chowking’s Sweet and Sour Pork but only minimal similarity.

Black Pepper Pork and Rice, Php 155

We also ordered what was supposed to be a Quick Snack but it was almost the last to arrive. Well, at least it came before M’s order, which took eons. We all shared the 5 pieces of Deep Fried Wantons. They’re actually good but I hope they were bigger, with more filling.

Deep Fried Wantons, Php 65

For the drinks, 4 of us ordered a Bandung each since we were all curious as to what it was and how it tastes. A especially liked it since it was colored pink. 😀 We didn’t find out what was really in it. But basing on the taste, it was like milk tea with a hint of lychee. I liked it. My only complaint was that it had too much ice.

Bandung, Php 60 each

M was again the odd one out for getting the Apple Fruit Shake but he hit the jackpot with that. It’s the best shake I’ve ever tasted. Mostly because it was really smooth and creamy, as if it was a milk shake. It’s really good.

Apple Fruit Shake, Php 75


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