Pepper Lunch

I was very much pissed after a failed “date” with the bestfriend so I wasn’t in the mood to go home yet after gettin’ out of the office. Good thing M was willing to eat with me and keep me company. He suggested Pepper Lunch and I obliged.

I got the Beef Pepper Rice with extra Chicken and he got the Chicken Pepper Rice with extra beef, both for Php 198. Haha. So I also have a countdown to the devastation, Pepper Lunch style:

1. Wait a bit for one side of the meat to cook.

2. Flip the meat over to cook the other side.

3. Mix the meat and rice.

4. Add sauce. They had 2: garlic sauce and honey brown (I added a generous amount of both.) - The garlic sauce was salty so be careful or you might just add too much.


Great dinner, I almost forgot about being pissed. Well, just almost. Now if you were able to read my post regarding Sizzlin’ Pepper Lunch and ask me for a comparison, I’d say Pepper Lunch wins, hands down. 😉


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