How I Spent My Valentine’s Day

At 2PM, I went to C’s house for a triple celebration. It’s her birthday, baby shower, her sister’s graduation celebration all rolled into one. As expected, there was a lot (and I really mean a lot) of food on the table. Everything was super yummy. I was stuffed in no time. But I had to leave early for E’s first birthday party (E is T’s cousin and J’s godson). I wasn’t able to participate in the games and I wasn’t able to see 2 of my high school friends because they were super late. So after R and J picked me up, we went to Jollibee at Santana Grove. It was fun, and it was food overload again. I felt like my tummy was gonna pop from all the eating. We didn’t wanna just go home, it being Valentine’s Day and all. We decided to watch Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief at SM Mall of Asia. Major fail. It was super traffic since the Pyromusical Event coincided with the holiday. Good thing J remembered a videoke place at the HK Sun Plaza, just along Macapagal Boulevard that wasn’t too expensive. We went there instead.

The place was called Music Bank Family KTV and Restaurant. It had really nice interiors with a grand staircase and all. I fell in love with the place. What’s even better was that they charge just Php 83 per person per hour. I think that’s reasonable enough. The room we were assigned to seemed big enough for a group of 6 persons or more. It was really spacious with space to dance around. They even had  a pair of maracas for added fun. J said the bigger rooms also have wigs with bright colors, much like the videoke places you see in Korean movies and TV shows. Hygiene is obviously valued since their mics had covers and are changed after every use. Their toilets had toilet paper in every cubicle and liquid soap is available on the sink. I really had so much fun with them. We miss T and A but still that didn’t stop us from celebrating singles’ day with each other. R ordered the Couple Pack which included 3 beers, a glass of iced tea, nachos, fries, onion rings, and shrimp crackers all for Php999 including 2 hours of stay for 2 people. So our bill amounted to around Php 1200, including the 2 hours for the extra person. I think it was a reasonable amount after 2 hours of fun and overflowing food which we didn’t even get to finish. Definitely a good night for us.

I had the best Valentine’s Day this year thanks to wonderful friends. That’s why I’m okay with being single. I have great friends who love me anyway. 😉


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