Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things

Last Friday, after our badminton game, I went to Ortigas Home Depot with F and W for some buffalo wings. Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things has always been a favorite.

Staple order is a basket of fries, Triple Sampler of Firehouse Classic, and Bleu Cheese Dip. The Firehouse Classic is at the middle of their hotness meter. It’s just right for me too. With the sampler, you can actually choose 3 different types of hotness but we chose to have just one. I’m not sure if the weight is at 1.5 pounds, more or less. These are the best buffalo wings I have ever tasted. Really tasty and juicy. The juice can actually squirt once you cut into the chicken if you’re not careful. For the second round of wings, we had the Dial 911 which was 2nd to the hottest on the list. It was too much. I can feel my lips and the area around it burn.

Triple Sampler, Php 369

Their fries are really good too. They’re cut like the ones from Wendy’s, bigger than the usual. They’re sprinkled with salt and pepper before being served. I’m not sure what else but they really taste good even without ketchup or any other dip. But everything still tastes best with the Bleu Cheese dip which you can order as an add-on for Php 25.

Basket of Fries, Php 75

Had a great night catching up with F and W over some great food. What’s even better was that it’s all free courtesy of W’s first salary at his new company. Hahaha. So great food + great company = great night. Indeed. 😀


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