Family Dinner at Super Bowl of China

Since I would be gone for most of Sunday, I decided to treat my parents out for dinner on Saturday after a whole day of pampering myself. I guess you can consider it my Valentine’s Day gift to them. I gave them the freedom to choose where to eat. As expected, they chose a Chinese Restaurant so we ended up at Super Bowl of China (a favorite of theirs).

But I’m not really complaining since they serve really good food. While waiting for the food to arrive, they gave us a bowl of shrimp crackers as appetizer. They were good that we even had this refilled! 😉

Shrimp Crackers, free 😉

First to arrive was the Dim Sum Combination Platter, which contained 3 pork siomai, 3 deep fried wantons,  2 hakao (shrimp dumplings), 4 vegetarian spring rolls, and a BBQ pork siopao. I loved the siomai. The wantons were a little different, not really to my liking. The spring rolls were okay, just a little oily. I didn’t taste the hakao since I’m not allowed to eat shrimp. The siopao was a little dry. It also lacked flavor, good thing the mantao tasted good even on it’s own and soft too.

Dim Sum Combination Platter, Php 260

After that, shit happened. My phone ran out of battery and I had to borrow my dad’s phone which has a lesser MP camera so the next pictures are not pleasing to the eyes. And no, I’m not putting my dad down for that. Next to arrive was the Diced Chicken with Salted Fish Fried Rice. It somewhat looks like Yang Chow, since it’s also yellowish in color. Dad was commenting that there’s no salted fish in the rice, only a few bits of chicken. But that was okay since it still tasted a little salty, but it was just right even for those with low tolerance for salty food.

Diced Chicken with Salted Fish Fried Rice, Php 220

The Steamed Fish Fillet With Garlic came next. The fish, which I guessed was Cream Dory, was really tender and was nestled in a garlic flavored clear liquid and topped with some soft (and I say soft because they’re not crunchy) garlic bits. This is a family favorite. We order this every time we eat at a Chinese Restaurant.

Steamed Fish Fillet With Garlic, Php 260

We also ordered Deep Fried Pork Ribs With Spicy Salt. But most of the pork was actually liempo and not ribs. Not that I’m complaining. I was just saying. I don’t know how they did it but each bite is really flavorful. Salty and spicy at the same time.  It’s also served with bell peppers and chili. I loved it. It’s our first time to order this and we just might add it to our staple orders, since I cannot eat squid/cuttlefish now too.

Deep Fried Pork Ribs With Spicy Salt, Php 270

We also ordered one of their new offerings, the Hot Shrimp & Fish Salad. Salads are supposed to be served first. Well, that’s usually what happens but ours came last. But it’s definitely worth the wait. It had shelled and breaded shrimp, boneless breaded fish fillet, fried and mixed with mayonnaise (home made according to their menu). It also had some fruits (as in the ones you find in a can of fruit cocktail) at the bottom and some minced lemon rind sprinkled at the top. It’s heavy on the tummy so I really didn’t get to eat much of it. But it’s definitely a winner.

Hot Shrimp & Fish Salad, Php 300

We were stuffed. I must admit I love Chinese food to so I guess it’s okay that my parents picked the predictable.  I wish I had better pictures though.


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