Will you be my someone?

It’s not a new post, really. I got this off my old blog again. I just suddenly remembered I wrote this. It’s sort of what I have in mind recently. Some points may no longer be applicable but some still strike the mark. 😀

I want someone who’ll send me a text message even before I wake up just to greet me good morning. I want someone who’ll pick me up at home and drive me around just because he wants to be with me. I want someone who’ll drink with me then later take care of me if I get piss drunk. I want someone who’ll call me when I get home and ask how my day went. I want someone who’ll get along well with my family and friends. I want someone who’ll do things for me not because I asked him to but because he just wants to. I want someone who won’t do things for me that he knows I can do on my own. I want someone who’ll go to the mall with me but will regulate my spending. I want someone who’ll ask me to stop my vices and yet understand when I cheat. I want someone who’s willing to get soaked in the rain with me because he feels it’s sweet to share an umbrella. I want someone who’s possessive and yet gives me freedom to live my life. I want someone who’s opinionated but won’t impose his beliefs on me. I want someone who’s okay with the fact that I have a lot of guy friends and yet gets jealous from time to time. I want someone who looks at other girls but remains faithful and loyal to me. I want someone who’ll argue with me and then hug me tight to kiss and make-up. I want someone who’ll criticize me and yet won’t make me feel less of a person. I want someone who’ll laugh with me and at me not out of mockery but just because it’s funny. I want someone who’ll tell me what he wants but won’t make me feel self-conscious about my defects and the things I lack. I want someone who’ll let me cry as long as I want and listen to me when I rant without interrupting me even once. I want someone who’ll accept me as I am but still inspire me to be better. I want someone who’ll give me a hug out of the blue. I want someone who will ask me for advice and yet won’t take it against me if it fails. I want someone who knows exactly when he needs to flatter me. I want someone who gives me stuff not because I ask but because he just wants to give them to me. I want someone who won’t show me it hurts when I hit him playfully but won’t hit me back if it really does. I want someone who’ll steal kisses when I least expect it. I want someone who can cry in front of me. I want someone who thinks of me at random parts of the day and lets me know it. I want someone who’ll tell me what time I should be home, yet know I will go home later than that and won’t give me a hard time about it. I want someone who’s honest even if what he will say will hurt me. I want someone who’s successful in his field and yet won’t make me feel inferior. I want someone who’s not afraid to introduce me to his family and friends, and doesn’t give a shit if they don’t like me. I want someone who’ll stand up for me when people put me down. I want someone who still chooses to be with me even if I have everything he says he doesn’t like. I want someone who’ll wait for me to get home so he can tell me good night before he sleeps. I want someone who makes an effort to be with me, no matter the odds. I want someone deep yet shallow. I want someone complex yet easy to figure out. I want someone who’ll make me smile after making me cry. I want someone who’ll put the pieces back together after breaking my heart.  I want someone who’ll look me in the eye, tell me how much he loves me and mean it.


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