Luk Foo

It’s my dad’s birthday today and it being Election Day, it’s a holiday! No work! Hahaha! We went out for lunch together with my aunt at Luk Foo, which is located at Puregold Price Club Bldg. Ninoy Aquino Ave. Sto. Niño, Paranaque City.

My dad loves Chinese food so it’s no surprise this is where he drove to directly. The place is nice and it’s packed with families. We had to be seated at the second floor which was a little warm since they only turned on the air conditioning when we arrived. And because we were so hungry (we failed to eat breakfast for wanting to vote early) and exhausted with the voting hell we went through, we didn’t notice that we ordered a little too much. Hahaha! First to arrive on the table was the Ho To Tay Soup. It’s a little bland for my taste. But it was really filling since it had a lot of ingredients like mushrooms, dumplings, fish fillet, liver, singcamas, carrots, and a lot more.

Ho To Tay Soup (of course this is just my bowl), Php 230

Then came the Hot Prawns Salad. This is always a winner wherever we order it. I’m not a fan of fruit salads so I only ate the prawns. Hahaha! Too bad it didn’t stay hot for long. It was already a little cold when we got down to tasting it.

Hot Prawns Salad, Php 350

The Crispy Noodles with Assorted Seafood was laid out next. Lo and behold, the noodles was not crispy at all. It looked like your regular pancit canton. The assorted seafood consisted of fish fillet, shrimps, and cuttlefish. It had other vegetables too like mushrooms, carrots, etc. I’ve had better pancit canton, in terms of taste and the amount of toppings.

Crispy Noodles with Assorted Seafood, Php 200

The XO Assorted Mushroom Shrimp Cake with Asparagus I was really happy about. It was really delicious. Though the shrimp cakes lacked some flavor but the dish as a whole was good. But they could have added more Asparagus.

XO Assorted Mushroom Shrimp Cakes with Asparagus, Php 310

According to our server, the Yang Chow Fried Rice was good for 3-4 people. But I think the serving’s small. If we didn’t have the noodles I think we would have ordered another plate. But I can’t complain about the taste. This is a must try. It’s a bit oily though unlike most other versions that I’ve tried.

Yang Chow Fried Rice, Php 190

Our Chinese food trip is not complete without my favorite Salt and Pepper Squid. Of course I’d say it’s good. I’m already partial to this dish so my opinion is biased. Hahaha!I’m not sure what the brown bits are, but I think they enhance the taste of the squid. Or should I say cuttlefish? Looks like it.

Salt and Pepper Squid, Php 230

Last to arrive was the Steam Garlic Fish Fillet with Eggplant. It was served in a cute fish shaped container. It had noodles (sotanghon, I think?) at the bottom then the fish fillet were alternated with eggplant slices. The fish was also topped with garlic bits. The fish slices were thicker than what we were used to. It still tasted good but I’d still go for Mr. Choi’s Steamed Garlic Fish Fillet.

Steam Garlic Fish Fillet with Eggplant, Php 270

Me and mom also ordered Avocado shake. It had absolutely no trace of crushed ice, really smooth with a similar consistency to a milkshake. And it wasn’t too sweet. We both loved it.

Avocado Shake, Php 65

All in all, it was still a good meal. The price was reasonable enough. Our bill amounted to Php 1, 910 which if you divide by 7 (viands, soup, and rice) only amount to less than Php 2oo per dish. Oh, not to mention the shakes. Not bad. I think we have a new favorite place. 😀


2 thoughts on “Luk Foo

  1. Not sure if this one was just a ‘bad’ branch but we usually have great dinners in Luk Foo Las Pinas! We always order Peking duck and it tastes great every time. Too bad they couldn’t keep up with the quality and consistency of their food.

  2. Hi Matt! I still think the overall experience was great. Maybe there was just too much food on the table that we can no longer enjoy the full flavor of each dish. I’d still go back and recommend this restaurant to other people. But I’ll just have to remember to order a little less next time. And I’d definitely give that Peking duck a try. 🙂

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