Patwick / Patchoy

My friend received his IELTS results today and was super pleased to get such high scores. Of course I am happy for him. I remember the time he was so nervous whether he would pass the exam or not. I told him I had no doubt he would definitely pass. He is the “English Master” after all. In line with that, I would like to repost something from my old blog (one that I had in college):

Patwick’s Quotable Quotes

1. This is only sometimes!
—> What he really wanted to say was that we don’t go out much, only once in a while, so we should make the most out of it.

2. 7 is not my favorite color!
—> What he meant was number! Imagine him saying this with a dark look on his face!

3. Why are you making foolish me? I’m not foolish you!
—> What he wanted to imply was “why are you making a fool of me? I’m not making a fool of you.”

4. Don’t judge me. I am not a cover.
—> Substitute book to cover.

5. We’re all humane — the plural of human.
—> I don’t really know how to explain this!

6. Why are you sadding?
—> He was actually asking “why are you sad?”

7. Why are you oneing me?
—> I guess this translates to “why are you ganging up on me?”

8. Who is him?
—> Him should’ve been he, right?

9. I don’t know already the follow.
—> He doesn’t know what he should say next.

10. What are you asking? Don’t speak anymore!
—> What an irony!

11. Are you not single already?
—> According to him, this is the opposite of “are you married?” Go figure it out.


Re-reading this never fails to make me laugh. I remember his facial expressions while saying these lines. I wasn’t proven wrong. He is indeed the “English Master”. Hahaha!


*Congrats Patchoy!!! I just knew it! How can you fail, right? I’m happy you’re a step closer to your AU dreams. I’m sure your beautiful wife and super cute baby are very happy for you too. Love you guys!

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