Kanin Club

I’ve been hearing about Kanin Club for so long but couldn’t really take the time out to visit their branches at Laguna and Alabang. When they opened a store at the Ayala Triangle, I couldn’t get enough. I’ve eaten there countless times with different groups of people. They all loved it too. I am so addicted! I crave for their food almost everyday. It’s probably the best restaurant that serves Filipino food! 4 t humbs up! Yes, it’s that good! Hindi kaya may gayuma mga pagkain nila? Hehehe.



For the appetizers, I’ve tried the Crispy Liempo and Squid in Salt and Pepper. The Crispy Liempo was nothing special. They’re not oily, which is a plus. But they were makunat.



Crispy Liempo, Php 142


The Squid in Salt and Pepper I did like. The squid was really soft and flavored just right. The sweet chili sauce complemented it well.



Squid in Salt and Pepper, Php 224


As for the salads, the only one I’ve so far tasted is the Thai Green Mango Salad. It’s  got green magoes, onions, cilantro, and peanuts, with a sweet-salty dressing. It’s surprisingly good.



Thai Green Mango Salad, Php 172

The crispy dinuguan and seafood kare-kare are staple orders whenever I eat there. The crispy dinuguan tasted so good with just the right amount of sourness. I especially loved it because instead of the regular pork, they use deep fried pork cuts (read: lechon kawali). It’s more flavorful that way.



Crispy Dinuguan, Php 261


We also couldn’t get over how good the  seafood kare-kare was. It had prawns, squid, mussels, pechay, string beans, and eggplant. Their bagoong is good too, not very salty.



Seafood Kare-kare, Php 298


Their sinigang is also a winner. I like it really sour but theirs is just right. The meat was tender too.



Sinigang na Liempo, Php 366


One time, we were also able to order the Crispy Pork Binagoongan. I didn’t get to taste this but they said Mozu’s is still better. I noticed that they used big chunks of pork belly for this one. And it appears as if they just put the meat on top of the sauce so the flavors did not seep into the pork belly.



Crispy Pork Binagoongan, Php 231


I also enjoyed their Sigarilyas Express, which was Bicol Express using sigarilyas and  pork meat in gata. It could have been spicier though. I’m into spicy food and this is too mild for my taste.



Sigarilyas Express, Php 149


Another vegetable dish I was able to try was the Chopsuey. It was okay, but the ones from Chinese restaurants are still better.



Chopsuey, Php 261


We also opted to order Lemon Chicken, which was different from what we were used to but it was good, nonetheless. The sauce was not overwhelmingly sour. And it wasn’t too thick that it drowns out the chicken. I like this version better. It was indeed a surprise (as stated in their menu).



Lemon Chicken, Php 224


One time, on A’s birthday, we ordered pancit for long life. We chose the Pancit Lucban, which I had been craving for the longest time. However, I was a little disappointed. It did taste like the normal pancit lucban but they didn’t have vinegar, which I expected. Instead, they had calamansi. Also, it was a bit oily.



Pancit Lucban, Php 246

And now for their specialty, the kanin! So far, I have tried 4 kinds of rice from Kanin Club. One order serves around 2-3, depending on how hungry you are. Haha. First was the Aligue (crab fat) Rice. Sinful, yes. But it’s really really good! This has to be my favorite. But of course, I cannot eat this too often lest I die of a heart attack this early.



Aligue Rice, Php 149


Next was the Garlic Rice. Common, yes. It’s too oily though. When you get to the bottom of the bowl you can see the remaining rice swimming in oil. Yuck. But it still tastes good. Yeah, sinful is good.



Garlic Rice (equivalent to 3 cups). Php 33 per cup


Quite unusual was the Sinangag na Sinigang. It had crispy kangkong and pork belly on top. It’s a little wet, and there’s a distinct flavor of sinigang to it.



Sinangag na Sinigang, Php 224


Lastly, I was able to try their Bagoong Rice. It was topped with slivers of green mango on top. No, the rice is not too salty. It just had a hint of shrimp paste in it.



Bagoong Rice, Php 149


For the drinks, we also go for their bottomless iced teas. There are 2 variants, lemon and green tea. I always go for the lemon, though it actually tastes more of calamansi. Haha.



Bottomless Lemon and Green Iced Teas, Php 99 each


I love Kanin Club! I love Kanin Club! I love Kanin Club! I love Kanin Club! I love Kanin Club! … 😀


Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

Last Saturday, I accompanied A at the Shang for a little aesthetic thingy before our Bora trip. We agreed to meet up at 10AM but as usual, she was late. Since we started late, we finished at around 1PM already. She was also supposed to shop for swim clothes since all her stuff are still in her controversial balikbayan box. We decided to eat a late lunch at Megamall since that’s where she will do her shopping. We chose to eat at Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken. It was located at the Bridgeway, 3rd floor in between Racks and Tokyo Cafe. A said they had this in the States and it was really good, with 4 kinds of sauces. We were on the wait list, but we waited for only about a minute. Since there was just two of us, it was easier to find us a table.



We were really very hungry at that time, considering that I didn’t have breakfast. She wanted a half chicken so I suggested we order the Platter (for each of us!), which consisted of 1/2 chicken, pasta, and Caesar salad. The pasta can either be bolognese or alfreado and that time, the bolognese was not available. For the chicken, you can choose from Hot, Mild Hot, and Lemon Garlic. A got the Lemon Garlic and I chose the Mild Hot. When our order arrived, I was a little overwhelmed. The serving was huge!



Platter 4 (1/2 Chicken, Pasta, Caesar salad), Php 275


The Caesar salad was okay. I noticed that some of the lettuce were already brown on the sides. They could’ve taken the time to remove those parts. I was looking for the croutons but found none. What’s a Caesar salad without croutons? As for the pasta, it was a bit nakakaumay because it had no bits of meat whatsoever. Either that, or it’s simply because I’m too full from the chicken. But the chicken, oh the chicken. It had a very unique taste. A’s had more flavor though I could not distinguish the lemon and the garlic taste of it. Mine tasted like chili but it was still so good. I cannot compare it in taste to anything I have tried before. It still went well with the gravy. I actually forgot that Peri-Peri is all about the sauces. I forgot to taste the sauces! Oh my! Unlike in the States, they don’t offer 4 kinds of sauces, as A expected. But it’s still all good. I will definitely go back.


We also availed of the soup and drink all you can. You only add Php 49 to any chicken meal.



During our visit, the choices for the soup were cream of corn and cream of mushroom. A and I both opted for the mushroom soup.



Cream of Mushroom Soup


It tasted like the instant Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup. Hahaha. It didn’t have much bits of mushroom too. But it was okay, I still went for a second serving. I wasn’t able to taste the corn. For the drinks, they had coffee, erl grey tea, mango juice, strawberry juice, and iced tea. We both got the Strawberry juice, which tasted like Kool Aid. I still liked it.



Strawberry Juice


The soup and drinks were self-service so you can really get as much as you want. How would they know you availed of the unlimited deal? They use different glasses and soup bowls than those for regular servings, of course. 😀


Happy Lemon

After lunch at the Konbini Store, M and I were supposed to watch a movie but due to our ka-artehan, we decided to just stay at Happy Lemon for kwentuhan. Happy Lemon is located beside Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at the G/F of the Promenade in Greenhills.



It was the first time for both of us but I’ve been hearing about this place from some friends and I also read about it from the OAP blog. I knew what to order. I got a large Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese. It doesn’t really have bits of rock salt but the froth is a little salty. It must be drank without a straw for you to fully appreciate it. I can say it actually works. But the cheese bits are quite bland. I like my cheese salty too.



Large Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese, Php 90


At first, M said he’d get what I’d be getting but later changed his mind. He ordered the Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese instead. It had the same concept as my drink except that it’s chocolate and mine was green tea. It tasted like Sustagen. I remembered my elementary years after sipping from his cup.



Large Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese, Php 100


Happy Lemon really suites the establishment’s name. It was a happy place indeed. I’d like to go back and sample the other drinks. Here’s the full menu:



Happy Lemon Menu


Konbini Store

M and I had been in search of authentic Japanese Ramen since December last year. We tried Yoshinoya’s, which tasted like instant noodles. We also tried Ji Pan at Glorietta (will post later) but we were also disappointed. He was telling me about 2 places we should definitely try for the authentic ramen. He said he knew a place in Valero St. Makati and another one in Greenhills. Come January, I had to go on a business trip so we postponed our quest. Then when I came back, we immediately set a date to visit the Konbini Store, located at 57 Connecticut St. Northeast Greenhills, San Juan City. The Konbini Store is actually a Japanese grocery, which had a Japanese restaurant too. There were a few tables at the back and take out counters in front. M said the items were more expensive here. He was in Japan a few years back and he said that what they’re selling for Php 108 actually only cost some 100 Yen in Japan. But that can be expected, eh?

Konbini Store @ 57 Connecticut st. Northeast Greenhills, San Juan City

We got a bit lost at first since M could not remember the exact location. We walked all the way to Annapolis St. before he called his friend to ask for the right directions. So when we got there, we were really really hungry already. To make up for the getting lost part, he said lunch will be on him. So I just let him order for me.

First to arrive was the Gyoza. It was not only made up of meat, but had vegetables too. Spring onions, perhaps? It didn’t taste “fake”. It was like, it was all meat with no extenders.


We got the Gyoza in combination with Chahan for Php 200. Not bad. The Chahan was really good although there are some parts where the egg was burnt so it had a bitter taste.


M also ordered a bowl of  Tonkotsu Cha Siu Ramen for each of us. When I tasted the soup, it was almost similar to the ones I used to have at Ajisen Ramen when I was in HK. The look may be a bit different, but the taste was really close. I loved it. I also loved that it had a lot of meat, which was really tender that you didn’t really have to cut them with much effort because they come off easy when you use your chopsticks.

Tonkotsu Cha Siu Ramen, Php 250

M spent Php 900 for this lunch so I made sure I finished everything. I almost couldn’t walk because I was too full. I give the food 2 thumbs up. I think it’s not that expensive. We just ordered a lot that’s why we spent so much. But a bowl of ramen for Php 250 is not bad at all. It’s actually cheaper than Ji Pan.


Wee Nam Kee

I was out with the girls last night at the Ayala Triangle. R was craving for Crispy Dinuguan and Bon Chon. Super haba the waiting list at Kanin Club so we decided to eat at Wee Nam Kee instead. Weird nga e coz usually mas maraming tao sa Wee Nam Kee. I’ve been wanting to try their Hainanese Chicken ever since I heard they were opening a branch here. And so there was my chance. L knew I loved Hainanese Chicken because I almost always order it when were in HK.


Wee Nam Kee @ the Ayala Triangle



At first, we ordered for a half of steamed Hainanese Chicken. The menu said it was good for 3-4 pax. I was skeptical that it would be enough for us since we were 5.  Good thing we changed our minds and got the whole chicken instead. R said it was a good call. I guess she loved it too.


Large steamed Hainanese Chicken, Php 888



In fairness unlike the chicken in other places I’ve tried, the meat was not dry. You cannot even distinguish the white meat from the dark meat. Ang saya ko! Hahaha! For the sauce, every table at Wee Nam Kee has one of these:


3 dipping sauces: chili, ginger, (sweet?) soy sauce


For my sauce, I prefer mixing ginger with chili. Their chili is not that spicy, but that’s coming from someone with a high tolerance for spicy food. Their ginger is slightly bitter, unlike the ginger sauces I am used to. I’m not sure why. But I didn’t like it that much.



Since L loved tofu, we got an order of Sizzling Plate Tofu. But it wasn’t just tofu. It had mushrooms, shrimp, and egg. The sauce was somewhat sweet and sour at the same time.


Sizzling Plate Tofu, Php 235



Because R requested it, we also ordered Lechon Kawali. This is so not worth it. I’ve had it way better and cheaper at that in other places. This serving is small na nga, puro taba pa.


Lechon Kawali, Php 220



Good thing their Salt and Pepper Squid was really good. I wasn’t disappointed at all. But still, it’s really expensive for a serving this small:


Salt and Pepper Squid, Php 250



E didn’t want rice so she asked for an order of Crispy Noodles. It was typical. Nothing special about it.


Crispy Noodles, Php 255



We all had a cup of chicken rice each, except for E. Well, make that 2 cups each for R and I. It was a really small cup for Php 40. Pero it’s worth it I think because it was really tasty. Got no picture though. It was the last to arrive and we were already too preoccupied with eating.



For the drinks, we had Cold Barley and Iced Lemon Tea. Their iced lemon tea was really disappointing. L and I expected it to be similar in taste to the one we always have in HK. Unfortunately, kulang talaga sa lasa. I couldn’t taste the tea at all. Parang tubig lang na matamis. Kulay pa lang, matabang na.


Cold Barley, Php 55



Iced Lemon Tea, Php 55


Weird lang their tables and chairs arrangement, you’re too close to the next table. Walang privacy. Yung katabi ko natapunan ako ng kanin. Cute sana s’ya pero ang kalat n’ya kumain. Hahaha! We were also seating next to Cris Villonco that night. Sino s’ya? I-google mo. :p