It’s Valentine’s Day, Not April Fool’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day today, right? Not April Fool’s? I received a text from the ogre and he’s asking me for a date. He even greeted me a happy valentine’s day. And that’s weird because for one, I haven’t been speaking to him since June of last year. Everything about us has been over. For me, anyway.  Second, the last I heard, he was in a relationship. What happened? Ano ‘to, rebound na naman ako?


Let me tell you the story of the ogre. We met in 2006, or was it 2007? I’m not really sure about that now. How did we meet? It’s a little bit unusual. But here’s how I remember it: I was out with my officemates (I was working in a call center then), drinking at this billiards place in Ortigas after our shift. My best bud asked to borrow my phone then he saved a number in it since he still has another lakad with his college friends and his battery is low. I got a little drunk and went home, forgetting that my best bud saved his friend’s number. While lying in bed, I usually play with my phone before dozing off.  And by play I mean I look at pictures, I watch videos, text, and whatnot. Anyway, I don’t know what happened that day but that time I decided to check my contacts list. I was stunned to see this unfamiliar name (no, I won’t mention it here). Since I was a little drunk, I had enough courage to call this unfamiliar person and asked him who he was. As expected, it was total chaos. He thought I was prank calling him. I thought he was playin’ with me. We were in an almost shouting match. Good thing he had the sense to ask me questions to find out the link that brought us together. After a few minutes, the answer was clear. It was my best bud. Realizing my mistake, I apologized to him. But our conversation didn’t stop there. We talked for a really long time. We hit if off right away. We talked the next day too, and the day after that. We talked every single day since the incident. He was a flirt right from the start. But he was sweet. We haven’t seen each other in person yet but him being my best bud’s friend was enough assurance that he’s not a fake. So one day he just said he wanted me to be his girlfriend and asked me if I wanted that too. I didn’t think twice and I said yes. The talking and the texting just got more frequent after that. But not long after, something happened. I was in the office with another close friend and he was making kulit on the phone. I was really busy then so I asked TJ to talk to him. Disaster struck. I didn’t know what TJ’s deal was but he said to the ogre, “Kaano-ano mo ba si ***** ha?” which was followed by other similar statements and questions. I almost died. That started a heated exchange between them that I had to wrestle the phone away from TJ. After that, the ogre wouldn’t talk to me. He won’t answer my calls, and he won’t reply to my texts. I blamed TJ for it.


Slowly, I accepted the fact that the ogre is no longer around. But for a while I kept looking at my phone wishing it to ring or alert for a text and see the ogre’s name. But I got nothing day after day. After a month or so, the ogre resurfaced. He sent a text, asking me a seemingly neutral question regarding the  salary at my company. I replied. Then it was as if nothing happened. We picked up right were we left off. But there was something very much different. He was no longer flirty. We effortlessly shifted to a platonic relationship.  But the calls and texts became more frequent than ever. He would call me even on his break (he worked in a call center too), while goin’ to the office, on his way home, we would just talk all the time. Almost all my waking moments are spent just talking to him. People say we talk more than real lovers do. I can just imagine he no longer has time to talk to other people after all the talking that we do. Through time, we’ve had fights and arguments. We went on “dates”. It was really very confusing. Sometimes he acted as if he liked me more than a friend. Sometimes he acted as if we’re best friends. Sometimes he acted as if he doesn’t care at all. Being with him was like bein’ on a roller coaster, a carousel, and a ferris wheel all at the same time. It was at this time that I confirmed he had a girlfriend. I felt betrayed. But then, we don’t really talk about our love lives so he didn’t really have a chance to tell me. Nonetheless, we still went on with our pseudo relationship. He became too demanding. And he kept on abusing me emotionally.  The last straw was his birthday on June 23 of last year.


His birthday on 2009, we spent it together.  I thought there was a chance we’d spend 2010 together too. But I wasn’t expecting anything. Soon enough, he said we couldn’t go out since he had little money left. He kept on bugging me to treat him on his birthday. After a long time, I finally said yes but I told him not to expect too much since I was a little low on cash too. He was really testing my patience since for one, he was late. Second, he kept on making side comments that didn’t sit well with me. I got really mad and walked out on him. I could hear him chasing after me and calling out to me. But I never looked back. I just walked on. From then on, I didn’t speak to him. I never took his calls, never replied to his texts, never answered him on YM too. But take note, he never said sorry for what he did.


Then suddenly now, he is asking me out. WTH?! I made an exception and talked to him today. He still wasn’t taking me seriously. He kept saying I’m too emotional and that I miss him that’s why I’m behaving like this. And he denies being selfish. And he was telling me things about work as if we’re okay, as if nothing happened. Perhaps that’s the problem with him, really. He never apologizes be cause he never admits he is ever wrong. And he always acts as if nothing’s amiss even though things are not really normal. Promise, that’s the last I’ll ever talk to him. But I must admit he’s right about one thing. I did miss him. Demmit!


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