Wee Nam Kee

I was out with the girls last night at the Ayala Triangle. R was craving for Crispy Dinuguan and Bon Chon. Super haba the waiting list at Kanin Club so we decided to eat at Wee Nam Kee instead. Weird nga e coz usually mas maraming tao sa Wee Nam Kee. I’ve been wanting to try their Hainanese Chicken ever since I heard they were opening a branch here. And so there was my chance. L knew I loved Hainanese Chicken because I almost always order it when were in HK.


Wee Nam Kee @ the Ayala Triangle



At first, we ordered for a half of steamed Hainanese Chicken. The menu said it was good for 3-4 pax. I was skeptical that it would be enough for us since we were 5.  Good thing we changed our minds and got the whole chicken instead. R said it was a good call. I guess she loved it too.


Large steamed Hainanese Chicken, Php 888



In fairness unlike the chicken in other places I’ve tried, the meat was not dry. You cannot even distinguish the white meat from the dark meat. Ang saya ko! Hahaha! For the sauce, every table at Wee Nam Kee has one of these:


3 dipping sauces: chili, ginger, (sweet?) soy sauce


For my sauce, I prefer mixing ginger with chili. Their chili is not that spicy, but that’s coming from someone with a high tolerance for spicy food. Their ginger is slightly bitter, unlike the ginger sauces I am used to. I’m not sure why. But I didn’t like it that much.



Since L loved tofu, we got an order of Sizzling Plate Tofu. But it wasn’t just tofu. It had mushrooms, shrimp, and egg. The sauce was somewhat sweet and sour at the same time.


Sizzling Plate Tofu, Php 235



Because R requested it, we also ordered Lechon Kawali. This is so not worth it. I’ve had it way better and cheaper at that in other places. This serving is small na nga, puro taba pa.


Lechon Kawali, Php 220



Good thing their Salt and Pepper Squid was really good. I wasn’t disappointed at all. But still, it’s really expensive for a serving this small:


Salt and Pepper Squid, Php 250



E didn’t want rice so she asked for an order of Crispy Noodles. It was typical. Nothing special about it.


Crispy Noodles, Php 255



We all had a cup of chicken rice each, except for E. Well, make that 2 cups each for R and I. It was a really small cup for Php 40. Pero it’s worth it I think because it was really tasty. Got no picture though. It was the last to arrive and we were already too preoccupied with eating.



For the drinks, we had Cold Barley and Iced Lemon Tea. Their iced lemon tea was really disappointing. L and I expected it to be similar in taste to the one we always have in HK. Unfortunately, kulang talaga sa lasa. I couldn’t taste the tea at all. Parang tubig lang na matamis. Kulay pa lang, matabang na.


Cold Barley, Php 55



Iced Lemon Tea, Php 55


Weird lang their tables and chairs arrangement, you’re too close to the next table. Walang privacy. Yung katabi ko natapunan ako ng kanin. Cute sana s’ya pero ang kalat n’ya kumain. Hahaha! We were also seating next to Cris Villonco that night. Sino s’ya? I-google mo. :p


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