Konbini Store

M and I had been in search of authentic Japanese Ramen since December last year. We tried Yoshinoya’s, which tasted like instant noodles. We also tried Ji Pan at Glorietta (will post later) but we were also disappointed. He was telling me about 2 places we should definitely try for the authentic ramen. He said he knew a place in Valero St. Makati and another one in Greenhills. Come January, I had to go on a business trip so we postponed our quest. Then when I came back, we immediately set a date to visit the Konbini Store, located at 57 Connecticut St. Northeast Greenhills, San Juan City. The Konbini Store is actually a Japanese grocery, which had a Japanese restaurant too. There were a few tables at the back and take out counters in front. M said the items were more expensive here. He was in Japan a few years back and he said that what they’re selling for Php 108 actually only cost some 100 Yen in Japan. But that can be expected, eh?

Konbini Store @ 57 Connecticut st. Northeast Greenhills, San Juan City

We got a bit lost at first since M could not remember the exact location. We walked all the way to Annapolis St. before he called his friend to ask for the right directions. So when we got there, we were really really hungry already. To make up for the getting lost part, he said lunch will be on him. So I just let him order for me.

First to arrive was the Gyoza. It was not only made up of meat, but had vegetables too. Spring onions, perhaps? It didn’t taste “fake”. It was like, it was all meat with no extenders.


We got the Gyoza in combination with Chahan for Php 200. Not bad. The Chahan was really good although there are some parts where the egg was burnt so it had a bitter taste.


M also ordered a bowl of  Tonkotsu Cha Siu Ramen for each of us. When I tasted the soup, it was almost similar to the ones I used to have at Ajisen Ramen when I was in HK. The look may be a bit different, but the taste was really close. I loved it. I also loved that it had a lot of meat, which was really tender that you didn’t really have to cut them with much effort because they come off easy when you use your chopsticks.

Tonkotsu Cha Siu Ramen, Php 250

M spent Php 900 for this lunch so I made sure I finished everything. I almost couldn’t walk because I was too full. I give the food 2 thumbs up. I think it’s not that expensive. We just ordered a lot that’s why we spent so much. But a bowl of ramen for Php 250 is not bad at all. It’s actually cheaper than Ji Pan.


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