Happy Lemon

After lunch at the Konbini Store, M and I were supposed to watch a movie but due to our ka-artehan, we decided to just stay at Happy Lemon for kwentuhan. Happy Lemon is located beside Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at the G/F of the Promenade in Greenhills.



It was the first time for both of us but I’ve been hearing about this place from some friends and I also read about it from the OAP blog. I knew what to order. I got a large Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese. It doesn’t really have bits of rock salt but the froth is a little salty. It must be drank without a straw for you to fully appreciate it. I can say it actually works. But the cheese bits are quite bland. I like my cheese salty too.



Large Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese, Php 90


At first, M said he’d get what I’d be getting but later changed his mind. He ordered the Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese instead. It had the same concept as my drink except that it’s chocolate and mine was green tea. It tasted like Sustagen. I remembered my elementary years after sipping from his cup.



Large Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese, Php 100


Happy Lemon really suites the establishment’s name. It was a happy place indeed. I’d like to go back and sample the other drinks. Here’s the full menu:



Happy Lemon Menu


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