Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

Last Saturday, I accompanied A at the Shang for a little aesthetic thingy before our Bora trip. We agreed to meet up at 10AM but as usual, she was late. Since we started late, we finished at around 1PM already. She was also supposed to shop for swim clothes since all her stuff are still in her controversial balikbayan box. We decided to eat a late lunch at Megamall since that’s where she will do her shopping. We chose to eat at Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken. It was located at the Bridgeway, 3rd floor in between Racks and Tokyo Cafe. A said they had this in the States and it was really good, with 4 kinds of sauces. We were on the wait list, but we waited for only about a minute. Since there was just two of us, it was easier to find us a table.



We were really very hungry at that time, considering that I didn’t have breakfast. She wanted a half chicken so I suggested we order the Platter (for each of us!), which consisted of 1/2 chicken, pasta, and Caesar salad. The pasta can either be bolognese or alfreado and that time, the bolognese was not available. For the chicken, you can choose from Hot, Mild Hot, and Lemon Garlic. A got the Lemon Garlic and I chose the Mild Hot. When our order arrived, I was a little overwhelmed. The serving was huge!



Platter 4 (1/2 Chicken, Pasta, Caesar salad), Php 275


The Caesar salad was okay. I noticed that some of the lettuce were already brown on the sides. They could’ve taken the time to remove those parts. I was looking for the croutons but found none. What’s a Caesar salad without croutons? As for the pasta, it was a bit nakakaumay because it had no bits of meat whatsoever. Either that, or it’s simply because I’m too full from the chicken. But the chicken, oh the chicken. It had a very unique taste. A’s had more flavor though I could not distinguish the lemon and the garlic taste of it. Mine tasted like chili but it was still so good. I cannot compare it in taste to anything I have tried before. It still went well with the gravy. I actually forgot that Peri-Peri is all about the sauces. I forgot to taste the sauces! Oh my! Unlike in the States, they don’t offer 4 kinds of sauces, as A expected. But it’s still all good. I will definitely go back.


We also availed of the soup and drink all you can. You only add Php 49 to any chicken meal.



During our visit, the choices for the soup were cream of corn and cream of mushroom. A and I both opted for the mushroom soup.



Cream of Mushroom Soup


It tasted like the instant Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup. Hahaha. It didn’t have much bits of mushroom too. But it was okay, I still went for a second serving. I wasn’t able to taste the corn. For the drinks, they had coffee, erl grey tea, mango juice, strawberry juice, and iced tea. We both got the Strawberry juice, which tasted like Kool Aid. I still liked it.



Strawberry Juice


The soup and drinks were self-service so you can really get as much as you want. How would they know you availed of the unlimited deal? They use different glasses and soup bowls than those for regular servings, of course. ūüėÄ


2 thoughts on “Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

  1. ag ingat po sa restaurant na to.. kumain po kami dito ng friends ko.. kinain po namin.. pasta bolognese and chicken… after 6 hours nagka lbm kami.. yun pala na.. food poison kaming tatlo.. nag complain kami.. sabi ng manager.. padalahan daw kami.. TOKEN( gift cert) para kumain ulit ng pasta at ma food poison ulit… di kami ulit kakain dyan… never again to eat in that restaurant… ayaw ko na ma food poison ulit sa peri peri charcoal chicken…ikaw na victim.. parang kasalanan mo na food poison ka… i hate you peri peri

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