Movies I Watched in February

1. Burlesque

Tama sila, mas magaling umarte si Christina kesa kay Britney. It’s not that Christina did amazing here. She was just okay. Medyo kulang nga sa emosyon eh. Parang madalas pa-cute lang. But the singing, wow, powerful talaga boses n’ya. I keep thinking saang palabas ko napanood yung male lead dito but I still haven’t figured it out. Some girls went wild when they saw his behind. They almost fainted when he was in his birthday suit with just a box of cookies covering his package. Akala ko tuloy nun wala ako sa Greenbelt. Nagwala talaga sina ate. Sabi ng mga kasama ko para lang daw s’yang MTV ni Christina na mas mahaba at may love story. I admit predictable yung story. But what can you expect e alam mo namang musical s’ya at si Christina yung bida. It’s bound to appear like an extended MTV.


2. Lilo & Stitch

Because I had renewed love for Stitch ever since I went to HK Disneyland, I re-watched this film, which was one of my favorites. Stitch really is so cute. I love him to bits. But I guess due to maturity taking its toll on me, I didn’t really cry while watching it. Hahaha.


3. Bulong

I watched this only because I got free tickets. Since I had 2, I went on a “date” with panda. Inside joke, sorry. I thought it was a horror movie but it was funny all through out. There was just one scene na nagulat ako but all the rest, comedy na. Galing!


What a loser list. Only 3 movies in a month?! And one’s a re-watch. That can’t be good. 😐