Movies I Watched in April

1. Across The Universe

Musical pala s’ya. I loved the songs so I immediately got the OST. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the movie. Hindi ko na s’ya tinapos. I just couldn’t sit through it. I don’t know why, parang na-bore ako.


2. Source Code

I felt like the movie was too short and the ending was bitin. And naguluhan din ako sa nangyari sa huli. Hindi kaya ng brain cells ko. Hahaha! But I must admit for a movie that had to go through the same scene over and over again, they found a way to not make it feel like it was too repetitive and boring. Also, natuwa rin ako sa movie na ‘to kasi wala pa ata sa 1/4 ng movie alam ko na sino yung hinahanap nilang bomber. Proud of myself. Hahaha!


3. That Thing Called Love (Thai Movie)

I super loved it!!! I can totally see myself in the characters’ shoes at one scene or another. They were right. If you were not able to relate to this movie it means you didn’t go through high school. Either that or you were really boring and geeky. Kilig!


4. The Five People You Meet In Heaven

This was based on Mitch Albom’s book, which I was able to read a long time ago. I’ve also had this movie in my hard drive for the longest time but only found the interest to watch it now. I can remember most of the scenes. I did cry but I think I cried more while reading the book.


5. Up In The Air

People kept saying that this is a great movie. I did not really find it amazing. And it’s totally heartbreaking. I didn’t cry or anything but it totally broke my heart, what happened to George Clooney’s character.


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