Movies I Watched in May

1. The Longest Yard

The storyline is nothing new. Pero sobrang laugh trip! I don’t really pay that much attention since I was on Facebook and Twitter but then again I couldn’t help but laugh when I do focus on the movie.


2. She’s Out Of My League

Nice movie. Aside from the laughs, I like the love story. A girl that is a perfect 10 fell in love with a guy that is a 5 or 6. Happy endings are possible.


3. Thor

Isa lang pala yung scene na kita ang abs ni Thor. Akala ko marami. Bitin! Hahaha! Anyway, maganda yung movie. Wala namang part na nabore ako. Can’t wait for the Avengers movie.


4. One More Chance

Epic talaga ‘to. Masarap pala panoorin ito habang umiinom at binabato ng ketchup/basang bulak si Basha. Pero kahit ilang beses ko ata ‘tong panoorin maiiyak at maiiyak pa rin talaga ako.


5. Kung Fu Panda 2

Because I love pandas. And I know someone who looks like Po the panda. This movie made me laugh all the way through. Or mababaw lang talaga kami nung kasama ko? Basta, this movie is AWESOME!


6. Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides

I haven’t watched any of the previous installments so there were moments when I was lost. Some of the dialogues were hard to understand too but I was quite surprised that it was a really good movie. Ang galing lang talaga ni Johnny Depp! At kahit mukha s’yang madumi ang hot n’ya pa rin. Haha!


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