Movies I Watched In June

1. X-Men: First Class

Awesome movie which tells the story of how the X-Men began, when Magneto and Professor X were still friends and they were just starting to discover the existence of other mutants. Some parts were boring and dragging but overall, it’s still a great movie. At umuulan ng gwapo. Hahaha!


2. Before Sunrise

Because I wanted to free up some space on my HD, I watched this on a rainy Sunday night. Ang gwapo lang ni Ethan Hawke!!! Nung patapos na yung movie, I sort of had this fantasy of meeting such a guy sa MRT. Asa ‘di ba? Then suddenly the daydream changed into that of a certain guy asking me to get off at the Shaw station instead of Boni. Amp lang.


3. No Strings Attached

I’ve been wanting to watch this for so long then when I finally did, I was a little disappointed. It was kinda boring, really. It probably only had 2 highlights. Ashton’s buns in full glory and that part where he said, “You should know that if you come any closer, I’m not letting you go.” That’s it.


4. The Hangover 2

This is funny shit. I even watched it twice. I think I laughed at almost every scene. Yeah, it’s the same story line from the first installment but so what? The formula works. And I think that’s the whole point of the movie. It would no longer be The Hangover if it’s not the same concept.


5. Limitless

Finally. It’s darn good. Amazing how those NZT pills work. Sana totoo na lang. Imagine becoming fluent with a new language just by listening. And learning a musical instrument in 3 days. Ang galing talaga! Though may kadiri na scenes sa bandang huli. Ito ang pinagpalit ko para sa Sucker Punch? Sabi ko nga ba. I shouldn’t have let them sway me. This would have been worth my money.


6. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

It’s waaaaaaaay better than the second installment. Another awesome movie! At mauubusan ata ako ng superlatives para maexpress ang tuwa ko para sa movie na ito. Hahaha! It helped that there were a lot of funny scenes. At hindi ko namiss si Megan Fox. Hot din naman yung pumalit. Nagsusumigaw ang lips, mala Agnelina. Hahaha!