It’s seemingly becoming a habit to eat out with my housemates on Sundays after doing the groceries. Since A needed to go to Gold’s Gym in Glorietta, he suggested that we just do grocery shopping at Landmark. It was N’s brilliant idea to have dinner at Friday’s since he has the Bistro Circle Discount Card so we get 20% discount and a free appetizer. We got this card when we dined at Flapjacks. And it can be used with a variety of restaurants, which are all under the Bistro Circle. No, it wasn’t free. N had to pay for it. It looks like this:


The Bistro Circle Discount Card, Php 1000


It also came with vouchers for free food in each of the participating restaurants. So I’d say you still get your money’s worth if you use all the vouchers.


So after grocery shopping at Landmark, we first got drinks from Chatime before proceeding to the 3rd floor in Glorietta where T.G.I.Friday’s is located. One thing I noticed immediately was that it’s really cold inside, unlike in some restaurants where you’d think they’re cutting costs and using the fan setting of their air conditioners.



Would you believe it’s my first time to eat here? I’ve always thought it was too expensive. So I wouldn’t really volunteer to go here. I like the interiors, dimly lit for a more intimate feel, but at the same time it feels homey and festive too. Our free appetizer was the Friday’s Ball Park Nachos. I love the salsa that came with it! Amazing!


Friday's Ball Park Nachos, Php 495 (but we got this free)


We ordered the Friday’s Three-For-All, which consisted of Loaded Potato Skins, Fried Mozzarella, and Spicy Buffalo Wings. It also came with celery sticks and 3 dips: sour cream, marinara, and bleu cheese. I have to say that the Loaded Potato Skins is best the among the three! The fried mozzarella were normal. The buffalo wings weren’t spicy at all and they were quite small. Among the dips, the bleu cheese is the runaway winner. Definitely.


Friday's Three-For-All, Php 695


We also ordered one of their new offerings, the Lemon Chicken Picatta Pasta. It was a small serving, but just enough for the three of us since we were already a little full with the two appetizers. The taste was just okay. I was looking for a stronger lemon taste but it was very very subtle, almost non-existent. But the chicken breast chunks were cooked well. They were soft and juicy, which was a surprise. I also love the capers in the pasta.


Lemon Chicken Piccata Pasta, Php 395


We wanted to order dessert but we were already too full. Maybe next time. I’d also like to try their baby back ribs and other best sellers. I was quite intrigued with the food I saw on other tables I passed on the way to the restrooms. 😀




Finally! My friend’s been raving about this milk tea place for the longest time but I’ve never had the chance to try it until today. I first noticed this at the walkway between Landmark and Glorietta and every time I pass by there is always a long line. I always thought it must be that good. Before goin’ there, I searched the internet for reviews and tips on what to order. I decided on the Oolong Tea Mousse and A got the ChaTime Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea.



At Chatime, they give you a little freedom to customize your drink. You can add extra toppings for Php 15 or  Php 20 depending on the variant. You can choose from Pearl, Grass Jelly, Pudding, Coconut Jelly, Rainbow Jelly, Red Bean, and Aloe Vera. You can customize the sweetness level and the quantity of the ice too. You can opt for 0% sugar, 30% sugar, 50% sugar, 80% sugar, 100% or normal sugar, and even add extra sugar. You can also go for non ice, less ice, normal ice, and extra ice. It’s already a lot to think about, choosing your drink and customizing the sugar and ice but then it’s better this way since you can be sure the drink is to your liking so you can really enjoy it.


One other thing I love about ChaTime is that instead of just giving you a number, they give you this thing that looks like a hockey puck then you can wander off while waiting because it will just buzz and light up once your order is ready. How cool is that?



I love Oolong tea so it’s only natural for me to order an Oolong drink. The Oolong Tea Mousse is sort of like the Rock Salt and Cheese variant from Happy Lemon. The mousse on top is a little salty and cheesy. To better enjoy it, I removed the top cover and sipped from the lips of the cup then drink from the straw to get a sip of the tea. I ordered mine with less ice and 50% sugar. I liked it and enjoyed very much the taste of Oolong tea. But maybe next time I could try the 80% sugar for better enjoyment.


Oolong Tea Mousse (L), Php 90


I also got to taste A’s ChaTime Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea. I’m not sure what type of tea is in it. But it’s good too. Like the normal milk tea. Like the one from Zen Tea, only better. There’s a generous amount of jelly in it already so you don’t really have to add extra. He also got his for 50% sugar and less ice.


ChaTime Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea (L), Php 95


Here’s the full menu so you can choose your drink before proceeding to the stores. They have a branch at the Pioneer Center in Pasig which has tables and comfy chairs, and couches plus free WiFi too!



I Want Someone

1. I want someone to hug and cuddle with on rainy days.

2. I want someone who shares my wanderlust and will be my constant travel buddy.

3. I want someone who’ll go on food trips with me.

4. I want someone who shares my love for badminton.

5. I want someone who will understand my mood swings.

6. I want someone who can make me feel better with just a hug.

7. I want someone whose mere presence can make me feel safe and secured.

8. I want someone who can inspire me.

9. I want someone who can make my day perfect with just one smile.

10. I want YOU!



Let’s face it, hindi talaga ako ganun ka-deep na tao. Hindi ako philosophical. Hindi ako gumagamit ng highfaluting words para maisip ng iba na matalino ako. Madali akong patawanin. Kahit corny ang joke natatawa ako ng bongga. Masayahin ako. Palagi akong nakangiti. Minsan napagiisipan na akong baliw. Pero ayos lang. Basta masaya. Madali ako i-please. Bigyan mo lang ako ng candy buo na araw ko. May problema ba dun? I have my complexities and other ka-artehan din naman. Hindi naman ako puro kababawan. Marami rin ako kinaiinisan.


Nakakinis lang talaga yung ibang feeling superior porke’t magaling mag-English at nakakagamit ng mga salitang hindi ko maiintindihan unless tingnan ko ang meaning sa dictionary. If I know teh, ginamitan mo lang ng thesaurus ‘yan. Pero sige na nga, hindi ka gumagamit nun. Ganun ka kagaling. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.


Nakakainis lang din yung feeling superior ‘pag hindi kayo pareho ng hilig na music genre. Sige na, ikaw na ang maraming alam na indie bands. Loser kaming mahilig sa mainstream. Ikaw na ang music goddess! Eh if I know, mahilig ka rin sa boybands dati.


Nakakainis din yung mga masyadong mayabang. Kailangang i-broadcast sa status lahat ng bagong gadgets and what nots. At hindi lang basta-basta ha. Yung tipong kailangang sabihin lahat ng detalye, yung brand, at specific model.


May isang uri din na mayabang sa pananalita. Pero subtle. Yung kailangan n’yang maibida ang sarili n’ya ng hindi mo masyadong mahahalata na bumibida na s’ya. Hindi s’ya papayag na may hihigit sa kanya. Or kung may hihigit man, dapat close second s’ya. Or basta makakapagbigay s’ya ng depensa kung bakit hindi s’ya yung number 1.


Nakakainis yung mga know it all. Oo na, marami kang alam. Pero kailangan mo ba talagang sumingit sa lahat ng usapan at ipakitang expert ka? ‘Wag ganun. Masyadong papansin eh. Hindi naman namin kailangang malaman na alam mo lahat ng bagay. Lalu na kung hindi ka naman tinatanong. Epal mo lang.


Nakakainis yung mga walang konsepto ng pila. Nakikita na ngang may pila ipipilit pa ring makipagunahan. Bulag ka teh? Hindi? Eh umayos ka. Mas nakakairita yung mga sumisingit pero patay malisya. Tipong magugulat pa kunwari ‘pag pinoint out mo na may pila. Okay lang naman yung may kasama ka nang nakapila at sisingit ka na lang. Pero sana isa-isa lang din. ‘Wag yung isa lang yung pumila tapos buong barangay pala yung ipinila n’ya. Nakakaloko lang eh.


Nakakainis yung mga dumudura kung saan-saan. Lalu na ‘pag sa loob ng mall or mga underpass. My goodness! Kadiri talaga. Lalu ‘pag maririnig mo pa yung sound they make para mailabas yung whatever na gusto nilang ilabas. I mean, it’s one thing na makakita ka ng dura habang naglalakad. It’s worse when you actually see them do it kasi nasa harap mo sila. Syet lang.


Nakakainis yung mga sinungaling. Halatang halata naman na binibilog lang nila ulo mo pero sige pa rin sila. As in obvious naman na talk shit pero they just carry on. Pero minsan nakakatawa na lang din e. Kala nila their lies are fool proof pero mahuhuli mo rin naman. At nakakatawa na lang yung naiimbento nilang istorya kasi nga alam mo na yung totoo. Hahaha! People nga naman.


Pansin ko lang, walang koneksyon yung opening ko sa totoong topic nitong post ko. Pero that only shows na tama ako ‘di ba? May complexity din ako. Haha.