It’s seemingly becoming a habit to eat out with my housemates on Sundays after doing the groceries. Since A needed to go to Gold’s Gym in Glorietta, he suggested that we just do grocery shopping at Landmark. It was N’s brilliant idea to have dinner at Friday’s since he has the Bistro Circle Discount Card so we get 20% discount and a free appetizer. We got this card when we dined at Flapjacks. And it can be used with a variety of restaurants, which are all under the Bistro Circle. No, it wasn’t free. N had to pay for it. It looks like this:


The Bistro Circle Discount Card, Php 1000


It also came with vouchers for free food in each of the participating restaurants. So I’d say you still get your money’s worth if you use all the vouchers.


So after grocery shopping at Landmark, we first got drinks from Chatime before proceeding to the 3rd floor in Glorietta where T.G.I.Friday’s is located. One thing I noticed immediately was that it’s really cold inside, unlike in some restaurants where you’d think they’re cutting costs and using the fan setting of their air conditioners.



Would you believe it’s my first time to eat here? I’ve always thought it was too expensive. So I wouldn’t really volunteer to go here. I like the interiors, dimly lit for a more intimate feel, but at the same time it feels homey and festive too. Our free appetizer was the Friday’s Ball Park Nachos. I love the salsa that came with it! Amazing!


Friday's Ball Park Nachos, Php 495 (but we got this free)


We ordered the Friday’s Three-For-All, which consisted of Loaded Potato Skins, Fried Mozzarella, and Spicy Buffalo Wings. It also came with celery sticks and 3 dips: sour cream, marinara, and bleu cheese. I have to say that the Loaded Potato Skins is best the among the three! The fried mozzarella were normal. The buffalo wings weren’t spicy at all and they were quite small. Among the dips, the bleu cheese is the runaway winner. Definitely.


Friday's Three-For-All, Php 695


We also ordered one of their new offerings, the Lemon Chicken Picatta Pasta. It was a small serving, but just enough for the three of us since we were already a little full with the two appetizers. The taste was just okay. I was looking for a stronger lemon taste but it was very very subtle, almost non-existent. But the chicken breast chunks were cooked well. They were soft and juicy, which was a surprise. I also love the capers in the pasta.


Lemon Chicken Piccata Pasta, Php 395


We wanted to order dessert but we were already too full. Maybe next time. I’d also like to try their baby back ribs and other best sellers. I was quite intrigued with the food I saw on other tables I passed on the way to the restrooms. 😀


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