The Flying Pig

The Flying Pig, Eastwood Mall

I heard from a friend that the food here’s really good so when a dinner date with other friends came up, I suggested we eat here. Since they couldn’t think of anything else, they agreed. While looking at the menu, we soon found out what the restaurant’s name means. They have this appetizer called The Flying Pig which was chicken wings wrapped in honeycured bacon, drenched in buffalo sauce.

The Flying Pig, Php 295

The chicken wings were prepared as chicken lollipops so you can hold the bottom part of the bone with your hands. The buffalo sauce was perfect, with the right blend of sweet, sour, and spicy. The dipping sauce was a little disappointing though. I expected bleu cheese but got something that tasted like Lady’s Choice Sandwich Spread.

Our main course was a quarter of The Flying Pig’s Cuchi Frito. It says on the menu that it’s good for two people. But three of us shared this dish. It’s roasted suckling pig with balsamic liver sauce, wild hog rice, and house salad. That’s according to the menu. But it seemed fried to us. The suckling pig was a winner with the crispy skin, but there was too much fat and not enough meat. The liver sauce was really good we even asked for a refill. It’s the better version of Mang Tomas. The rice had bits of liver in it. The salad hass this really good vinaigrette sauce, but I would have wanted more cucumber and olives.

The Flying Pig's Cuchi Frito (Quarter - good for two), Php 689

We also got an order of Smoked Bacon Carbonara, Linguini pasta with garlic parmesan cream, and smoked bacon bits. It’s heavenly! The best carbonara I’ve ever tried. It was generous with the bacon bits and it’s salty taste complements the cream well.

Smoked Bacon Carbonara, Php 295

Oh, we also got some free garlic bread not only while waiting for our orders, but while deciding on our orders. They are served as soon as you are seated and given the menu. Nice, eh?  We also got a refill midway through our meal so we had something to swipe the sauce off the plate of our carbonara. Yummy!

Free Garlic Bread


Another plus point for The Flying Pig is the service. I liked it that the servers are ready to refill your drink even without you asking. And they accommodate every request with a smile. This one guy even orchestrated our group photo, to get a better result. It’s a little on the expensive side since three of us spent almost Php 500 each for this meal. But I will definitely go back to sample the ribs.


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