Lomography – 1st Shots

I have a Holga 120 CFN (I named him Benjie), which I bought in 2008. I got it from Amazon, I think and had it shipped to a friend’s officemate who was in the States that time and he brought it home with him. Wherever you are, thank you again. It came with a Lomo bag, which I have no idea where it is now (the bag, I mean). I bought 120mm films at City Super in Hong Kong while on a business trip on August of that year. I got them for HKD33 each. Here, they sell for PHP258 (If I remember it right.) a roll. I did some shots through 2009 but never got around to having them processed. That time, it was still very expensive. So I eventually forgot about them and they gathered dust somewhere in the mess of my room back home.


Fast forward to the present, I don’t exactly remember how, but I got into a discussion about lomography with my teammate. He said he wanted to buy a camera and I suggested he get a Holga. We talked about films, effects, and all that. So I remembered my unprocessed films. I asked him to take them to Digiprint and have them processed together with his films. So I received my package yesterday and I excitedly looked at my shots. Some actually turned out great. Not bad for a first timer. Here are some of my first shots:


Somewhere in Batangas


At the Mactan International Airport in Cebu


My favorite shot! At the Karis Retreat House in Tagaytay


Bantayan Island


Inside a temple in Cebu


Plantation Bay


Batangas again



There. I have renewed love for lomography after seeing that my first shots are successful. My officemate and I are planning on a photo shoot sometime this month. Ugh. Such an expensive hobby. But the rewards are worth it. Gotta save up for those films. Yey!


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