Thai at Silk

Nothing to do and nowhere to go on a Friday night. So together with my two girlies, L and R, we decided to just have dinner at one of their favorite places. It would be my first time to eat at Thai at Silk and they assured me I wouldn’t be disappointed. I wasn’t.

Thai at Silk, Unit 1C12 Ground Level Serendra Piazza Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

For the soup, we got the Tom Yum Kung. It was super spicy and I loved it. First sip and I was inlove! It was hot and sour and ginger-y with hints of mint. It had prawns, mushrooms, tomatoes, ginger, lemongrass, and other stuff I couldn’t really identify. You will never go wrong with this. The picture below is just my personal bowl. Multiply that amount by 3 and that’s the whole serving.

Tom Yum Kung, Php 310

Cho Chee Kung plus Roti was served next. Minced prawn in reduced red curry sauce came with Roti bread. The sauce was absolutely heavenly. The minced prawn made all the difference in the curry sauce. It’s a nice deviation form the usual plain yellow curry sauce. Sweet and salty to the taste.

Cho Chee Kung plus Roti, Php 310

Next is the Pad Thai. I never really liked the Pad Thai from other restaurants, even at Soms. The only one I liked was that of Crustasia’s. At first sight, Thai at Silk’s version totally nails it. It’s presentation was unique and very beautiful. And the taste, just right.

Pad Thai (before and after), Php 400

We also ordered the Pla lad Prik Sam Ros, which is deep fried fish fillet (I’m guessing Cream Dory) in tamarind chili sauce. The fish was normal, but the tamarind sauce was really nice. A nice blend of sweet and sour. But then it’s not spicy at all!

Pla lad Prik Sam Ros, Php 425

Lastly, we simply can’t miss L and R’s favorite, the Kung Sarong. This is deep fried prawns wrapped in egg noodles. The dipping sauce is vinegar with cucumbers. The prawns were big but I think they were a little dry. The dipping sauce wasn’t much help to elevate the taste. I love prawns. Prawns are always good but this dish right here, it’s not really exceptional. Or maybe my expectations were just too high since they were raving so much about this.

Kung Sarong, Php 450

I ordered the Thai Milk Tea for my drink. I usually order this in Thai restaurants and I’ve always liked it. This version though, not so much. It was a little too strong. But it was really very lovely to look at.

Thai Milk Tea, Php 155

There were hits and there were misses. But overall, I can still say it’s a wonderful experience. And I’d still want to go back and try the other stuff they offer. But not too soon though. Burns a hole in my wallet.


3 thoughts on “Thai at Silk

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