2011 Birthday Wish List

Because my birthday is coming up, I am now posting my birthday wish list. Perhaps you’re a good soul who’ll send me one of these? Hahaha!


1. Seagate 1TB Portable HDD

Because my 500GB is almost full. And I have files scattered across my dad’s laptop, my friend’s HD, another friend’s flash disk, and even my office computer. Sssshhh!


2. Fit Flops

Because I heard they were really comfy and when I tried this on, my friend said it looked good on me.


3. Plueys

Because it always rains in the PH and it always floods in our area.


4. Watch

Because I love the color green and this watch is just awesome! Although I’d still take one with similar style even if it’s not Swatch.


5. Books

Because I love books and it’s been a while since I last read one. I have yet to buy these titles. But it would be better if I receive them as gifts. Hahaha!


6. Forever 21 Clothes

Because I love Forever 21! And I especially like those below. Or anything with a similar style.


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