Lugawan Republic

I almost always crave for goto or lugaw after a drinking sesh. Either that or McDo. But Lugawan Republic is good even without the buzz. So on a late night whim, my housemates and I set off to 45 Timog Avenue, Quezon City. It’s a mall space but with 2 floors, near Music 21. Pardon the picture below, I just took it from their menu.

Lugawan Republic, 45 Timog Ave. Quezon City

I heard that Lugawan Republic is owned by Glady’s Guevarra, a former host of Eat Bulaga and a member of Gladys and the Boxers. Just a little bit of trivia, in case you’re interested. Anyway, we all ordered their specialty, the Pilugaw.

Pilugaw, Php 95

Pilugaw is “lugaw” with sotanghon, ox tripe, chicken, mushrooms, toasted garlic, and quail eggs. I don’t know how it gets its orange color though. Maybe they put “atsuete”? I eat this with 2 calamansi, some fish sauce, and lots of pepper. It’s best eaten hot, as all “lugaw” should. If you get the perfect combination of condiments, it becomes more delicious. The consistency is really thick, so you know it’s the real thing. “Hindi tinipid”.

We also got an order of their Crispy Tokwa’t Baboy. The baboy is like lechon kawali with really crispy skin and just a bit of fat. The tofu was slicked thinly to achieve crispness. The soy sauce-vinegar was the right mix.

Crispy Tokwa’t Baboy, Php 95

When you ask for service water, you might be surprised that it’s a little sweet. It’s because they put pandan in it. For other restaurants they put lemon slices. For Lugawan Republic it’s pandan. It’s always nice to try something different.

On a previous visit, we also ordered their Pancit Palabok. It was good, real close to the Kapampangan taste. Far different from what Jollibee offers. Even Red Ribbon. When I tasted it, I felt like I was a kid again in Guagua, Pampanga.

Pancit Palabok, Php 120

We also got the Dinuguan with Puto. I’d still go for Kanin Club’s version any time but I could still say that Lugawan Republic’s version is good too, just the right amount of sour. And imagine all that below for just Php 95.

Puto at Dinuguan, Php 95

We also got to taste their Lumpiang Ubod. It’s like the usual lumpiang sariwa with a generous serving of peanut sauce. Also, the lumpia is big enough to share between 2 people.

Lumpiang Sariwa, Php 75

I like Lugawan Republic because the food is good and the prices are budget friendly. They haven’t raised their prices even though the time between our 2 visits is more than a year. I hope when we go back they’d still have amazing food at really low prices.


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