Uncle Cheffy

Because R is home for the holidays, he invited us for a late dinner (late because T and I have work until 10PM) at Uncle Cheffy at the Burgos Circle in the Fort.

Uncle Cheffy, Forbes Town Center Rizal Drive cor. Burgos Circle Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

For our appetizer, we had the Grilled Oysters. Big mistake. We didn’t like them. They had this ginger and green mango relish that should’ve been okay but I didn’t like. Or maybe I’m just partial to the baked variety with cheese on top.

Grilled Oysters, Php 295

We had a panizza that’s half All Meat Barbecued and half East Meets West. The All Meat Barbecued consisted of beef teriyaki, pork, chicken barbecue, onions, chili flakes, and 3-cheese. The East Meets West consisted of parmaham, salami, kesong puti, salted egg, tomatoes, mango, and 3-cheese. It’s served with salsa, some greens, and alfalfa. The panizza was too oily but still, it was really very good. I especially liked the East Meets West. It’s something new and the ingredients don’t overwhelm.

Panizza: Half All Meat Barbecued and Half East Meets West Php 495

The star of the dinner table was the Surf ‘N Turf Platter, which was a combination of Chicken Leg, Lamb Breast, Beef and Pork Ribs, Cream Dory, Salmon, Tuna Belly, and Garoupa. The platter was served with a salad and a bowl of plain rice. It also had baby potatoes in the middle. It came with 6 different kinds of sauces, some of which I cannot identify but they all tasted good nonetheless. I love everything in this platter. They were cooked perfectly. Especially the meat, they weren’t tough and you can easily separate them from the bones.

Surf 'N Turf Platter, Php 1750+

The place is upscale pricey, and I never would have eaten there if it weren’t free. Haha. But I guess good taste really comes with a price.  You get your money’s worth anyway since they serve food that’s really delicious. Oh, and there was 5 of us but we didn’t finish everything, even the rice.

On the downside, even if they serve great food, I’m a little skeptical about their sanitation. While we were eating, since we were seated in a corner table, we were next to the wall with a wooden art work. We witnessed a cockroach party. We have seen approximately 3 cockroaches running around on the wall and on the art work. Not good at all.

I also have an issue with one of the waiters. Halfway through our meal, I felt really cold and I noticed that the air conditioning unit above us was directed right at me. Since I had colds, I couldn’t breathe normally so I asked him to please tinker with it so that the cold air will not directly hit my back. He did. And for a while I was relieved. Then after a few minutes, we noticed that we were perspiring. When we looked up, the waiter turned up the thermostat to 27 degrees Celsius! Whatdahell!!! He turned the place into a sauna! It’s either he didn’t understand my request or he was being a jerk on purpose. Too bad I didn’t get his name.


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