Krazy Garlic

It’s been a Sunday ritual with my housemates that we go for groceries and dine out. Quite an expensive habit but we enjoy it immensely. One Sunday, we wanted to eat at Flapjacks since we still had an appetizer voucher we wanted to claim. Unfortunately, the branch at Greenbelt 2 is no longer there. So we decided to go back to Krazy Garlic in Greenbelt 5.

Krazy Garlic, Greenbelt 5

It’s one of our favorite restaurants mainly because of its Crispy Pata. It’s a little on the expensive side but the taste is really better than the  others. Even the skin is brimming with flavor. The meat is not dry too. Their dipping sauce is also a winner.

Garlicky Crispy Pata, Php 695

On this visit, we first ordered the Spinach and Cream Cheese appetizer.  This is deep fried wantons filled with spinach and cream cheese with a side of lettuce in vinaigrette. I was hesitant at first with the dipping sauce because it smelled of soy sauce with vinegar. It seemed weird but found out it actually works when I did try it.

Spinach and Cream Cheese, Php 225

For our other viand, we ordered the Rouge Seafood Coconut Curry. On the menu, the description was Thai style sauteed shrimps with red coconut curry sauce. However, it wasn’t purely shrimp. It also had squid and fish, which I’m guessing was Cream Dory. It was the perfect blend of coconut milk and curry. On the downside, the serving was rather small for its price.

Rouge Seafood Coconut Curry, Php 415

For the rice, we always get the Hara-Kiri to share. It has chili, squid, shrimp, and bacon. It’s awesome when you mash the chili to make it hot. Yum. But this serving is not enough for 3 of us so we always order and extra cup of plain rice. Haha.

Hara-Kiri (To Share), Php 365

On a previous visit, we got the Baba Ghanoush for free since I had the Ayala Malls A Card. It is sesame paste with roasted eggplant, cumin, garlic, and served with flat bread. I never liked Baba Ghanoush in Persia Grill but this one here, it’s a winner. I’m not sure if it’s the garlic but I have to say I liked it.

Baba Ghanoush, Php 255

On the same visit, we also tried the Mushroom Matsuri, which was a festival of mushrooms sauteed Japanese style. And that’s according to the menu. I cannot describe the taste now but what I do remember was that I loved this dish and that’s not jsut because I love mushrooms in general.

Mushroom Matsuri, Php 350

We have yet to taste their pizza and pasta so I guess we still have reason to come back other than the Crispy Pata. Maybe on another Sunday.


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