Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen

My college friends and I always go to Tagaytay to eat bulalo at RSM. But for our Christmas get-together, we tried something new. T told us about this Vietnamese restaurant he went to with this officemates. Since it’s a special occasion, we decided to try it. To get there, we took the Sta. Rosa route and after taking the right turn on the national road, we took the first right turn to Lagusan Drive. It’s the same road you will take to get to the Dominican House of Prayer. There are signs along the way so you shouldn’t get lost.

Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen

I wasn’t able to get a picture from the outside but when you get there, you’ll see it’s actually a house with like a 6-car parking space on the ground floor. The eating area is on the second floor. Here are some pictures from the inside:

If you decide to go, it’s best to make a reservation. The dining area is quite small so it can only accommodate a few small groups. You can call 09209722924. I also recommend that you order in advance or else you have to wait really long for the food to cook. Here’s their menu for reference:

For our appetizer, we ordered Cha Gio which are Vietnamese Fried Lumpia. The wrapper’s not too thick so they’re just the right crunch. Their sauce is really good too, not too sour.

Chai Gio, Php 165

We also ordered Nem Nuong which are grilled Vietnamese sausages. They’re like a cross between longganisa and hotdog. But the taste is different. A good kind of different though.

Nem Nuong, Php 275

For the soup, we got the Pho Bo, which is the regular beef noodle soup. I wasn’t able to taste this though so I don’t know if it’s the same or if it’s better than the ones in Pho Hoa or Pho Bac.

Pho Bo, Php 235

The second one is the Ho Tieu, which is the pork and seafood soup. For the seafood they have shrimps, cuttlefish, and crabsticks. I was able to taste this and I fell in love at first sip. It’s way better than those in Pho Hoa and Pho Bac. There is really something different in the soup. I can’t quite place it but man, I really love it.

Ho Tieu, Php 245

For the entrees, the Ca Nuong Xa Ot arrived first. This is grilled Dory fillet which was served with rice and salad. The salad tasted like Pad Thai. The fish was cooked right and tasted like lemon butter.

Ca Nuong Xa Ot, Php 380

Next is the Curry Ga. This is chicken curry but it seems it is not cooked with coconut milk, just curry powder. Nonetheless it still tastes really good. The curry is not overwhelming so I think even those who don’t enjoy curry will be able to appreciate this.

Curry Ga, Php 285

Next is the Bo Kho or Vietnamese Beef Stew. I’ve always loved beef stew at this store at the SM and Shang food court, Kimchi. Bawai’s version is a little different though. The taste of the beef has been subdued. How exactly, I do not know. But we all just noticed that the taste of the beef is a little watered down.

Bo Kho, Php 305

Last for the entrees is the Com Suon Cha which is grilled pork rib with omelet and served with rice too. I wasn’t able to taste the omelet but at a glance it looked delicious. It was thick like a cheesecake and it is specked with green which I assume are herbs. The pork rib is soft enough and tastes char grilled.

Com Suon Cha, Php 295

To end the meal, we had Ban Da Lon which was pandan and yellow mung bean cake. It’s like their version of the sapin-sapin. It is topped with a white cream that tasted like glutinous rice and coconut milk. It has white sesame seeds too.

Ban Da Lon, Php 25

A and I tried the Pandan Iced Tea and we were majorly disappointed. It is the same as the house tea that they serve only that it’s cold. It was bland so I didn’t like it. And yes, I did stir it.

Pandan Iced Tea, Php 55

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