2012 Goals

I would like to reiterate the fact that these are goals, not resolutions!

1. Start going to the gym.

2. La Union – Surfing TripSo yeah I sucked at it hahaha!

3. Korea Trip

4. Start a new savings account and actually save some money, apart from my Save-Up.

5. Be regularized at my new company.

6. Upgrade my SQL Skills.

7. If I do get regularized, be ITIL and ISTQB certified.

8. Learn C.

9. Learn to put on make-up.

10. Finish reading the Hunger Games Trilogy before the movie comes out.

11. Finish reading the Game of Thrones Series.

12. Buy a Kindle Fire.

13. Buy a 1TB HD.

14. Buy FitFlops.

15. Buy a new phone (Galaxy S II iPhone or Blackberry Galaxy S3).

16. Travel alone on my birthday (either local or international).

17. Study French.

18. Treat parents to lunch at Circles.

19. Buy a refrigerator for mom.

20. Bring the ‘rents to Baguio (as mom has been requesting a long time ago).


I guess 10 out of 20 ain’t bad. It could be improved though. I hope I do better in 2013. I will still put some of the goals I have not crossed out yet to the new list.

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