10 (Random) Awesome Whatevers

1. That feeling you get after scratching an itch.

2. Finding out you have enough coins to cover the rest of the taxi fare after panicking that you don’t have enough bills.

3. Reaching the bathroom in time after holding in your pee/poo  for a very long time.

4. Licking off Cheetos cheese off your fingers.

5. That moment when you get to a place where you can be alone and can finally let out that fart you’ve been holding in from the public.

6. Waking up and realizing you can sleep in since it’s a weekend.

7. Realizing you can breathe easier after cleaning your nose.

8. Burping after a really good meal.

9. Singing at the top of your lungs knowing you’re alone in the house.

10. That really comfortable item of clothing that you’ll never get rid of no matter how tattered it gets.


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