10 Awesome Moments In My Life

Awesome moments happen everyday, if only you are keen on recognizing the little things. They don’t necessarily need to be Hollywood-esque. You just gotta see the world through a child’s eyes and see the wonder in every situation. And because I love making lists, here are 10 awesome moments I can remember and put a smile on my face every time I do. 🙂

1. Passing the UP Entrace Exam.

I didn’t really see myself studying at the state university. I already had a dream school in mind but because mom wanted me to go there, I gave in and decided to give it a try. It’s a known fact that the entrance exam at UP is very challenging. Indeed it was. So it was a big surprise when my cousin checked the postings, found my name, and called me to give the great news. I was really happy. That proved my brain’s not entirely made of mush. It was especially sweet since some of the top students in my high school didn’t make it. Not that I was gloating. It just felt really good to know that life is fair after all.

2. Getting my first promotion.

I got my first job as a Call Center Professional while waiting for our graduation rites in July of 2006. We hit the production floor after more than a month of training. Since we were the pioneer batch in our account, an opportunity to become a Team Leader opened up after 3 months . Because I was a good performer, my Team Lead encouraged me to apply for the position. So I did. And I got the job. It was so nice to know that I was able to achieve something like that after only 3 months on the job. I learned a lot from that and I will forever remember those times.

3. Moving out.

I moved out of parents’ house in 2010. A friend introduced the idea and I got excited, and scared at the same time. At first, my parents didn’t like the idea. I was an only child so  They were hesitant to let me go. But I eventually convinced them. It was not as difficult as I expected but that’s probably because I had the most wonderful housemates. N cooked while A and I shared dishwashing duties. We developed a method for everything, grocery shopping, cleaning, and other stuff that needed to be taken cared of. It’s a wonderful experience and up to now, I do not regret it. I was able to enhance my cooking skills, I learned to clean the bathroom, and I also try to progress in budgeting.

4. When G and I reconnected.

In 2008, I had the biggest shock of my life when the phone rang and I answered it and heard G’s voice on the other end. But the events that transpired after that phone conversation were even more awesome. Back then, I thought that dreams do come true and I believed I was living proof that Paulo Coelho’s idea of wanting something bad enough and the universe conspiring to help you achieve it was 100% true. I was so happy I didn’t care if I died right then because I’d die with a big smile on my face. But true enough too, fairy tales also come to an end and it’s not always a happy ending. But still, even though things didn’t work out the way I would have wanted them to, I still consider the good times as some of the best moments of my life ever. Because for a while, I was able to live my dream.

5. When I win in  a raffle, and any other game of chance.

I don’t always have luck on my side so when I win stuff, I consider those moments awesome. In my entire life, I’ve only won in raffles four times. The first one was in high school. I won an umbrella from Maggi, when they were doing some cooking lectures and demos in our school. The second one was in my first job. I won an MP3 player during our Christmas get-together, our manager raffled off some stuff to our team of Team Leads. The third one was in my second job. I won a tumbler during our Christmas Party. Not bad. Then in my next job I won 5 100-peso Starbucks GCs. If you take the ratio of the times I won to the times I joined, gah. Hahaha! The latest is winning 200 pesos from the Casino at Resorts World. Actually, R and I pooled our money (100 pesos each) to place bets on this game that I didn’t know the name of. Then our 200 pesos doubled and we decided to stop and encash our winnings. We took 100 each and used the 200-peso winnings for our taxi fare home.

6. Passing pre-employment exams and  job interviews.

I’ve always believed that I have a good career. It seems that things always go well in this aspect. So I am also a believer when they say that those who are unlucky in love are lucky in their professional life. And it’s always an ego booster when I do well in exams and job interviews. Sometimes it surprises me that when I think I failed, I actually get called back.

7. Travelling with friends.

I love travelling. More so, travelling with my favorite people. I like going to the beach, and taking lots of photos, making new memories that I’d sure be taking to my grave. Unless I get Alzheimer’s, which I hope I don’t.

8. Getting gifts and other free stuff.

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts, right? And other free stuff as well. But gifts don’t necessarily translate to expensive objects. Give me candy, even those 1-peso ones, and I’d be really happy. Free taste promos on new food items are great too.

9. Eating good food.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s no secret that I love food and I love to eat. If you know me personally, you’d say yeah it’s obvious. I’m no size 0. Haha! But seriously, good food is awesome! More so when I cook it. I love to cook too. I like experimenting and making my own versions of food. I have a document of  my own recipes, and those that I learned from my mom.

10. Crossing out items on my to do list.

I feel a sense of achievement when I get to finish a task I have set my mind on doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small as long as I am able to accomplish something. It can be cleaning the bathroom, trying out a recipe, finishing a book, or work related stuff. It makes me high.

So there goes my list. There are still a lot of other awesome moments in my life, these are just some of them. How about you, what makes your life awesome?