2012 Wish List

It’s almost my birthday month again (and Christmas ain’t too far ahead too) so it’s time to post another wish list. Yup, it’s time to be materialistic once again and silently hope (or pray, or beg, whatever works) that good souls are out there, willing to buy me gifts. Haha! So here goes…

1. Samsung Galaxy S3

I haven’t bought a new phone in ages. I think my Nokia E72 is almost 3 years old. It still works but it’s slowly deteriorating. For example, it no longer alerts nor vibrates when I get text messages. And the wall charger is busted. I can only charge through USB, while connected to a laptop. Hassle. Anyway, I want my S3 in white.

2. Longchamp Le Pliage

I used to own one. Well, not really. It was a gift, a Class A. I liked it so much because it works like magic. It doesn’t look that bulky but you can carry so much stuff in it. I haven’t bought the real thing because I always think it’s too expensive. But I think I just might give in this year. I’m still giving it a lot of thought too. If I do decide to get one, I’d buy the exact same thing as below.

3. Plueys

My friend is right, this has been on my list for ages but until now, I still haven’t convinced myself to actually buy a pair. I want them so bad but I’m forever debating with myself that they’re too expensive for rain boots. So let’s see. I’m definitely set on an Ooh La Lace pair. So you’d know what to get me. 😉

4. Swatch Burgundy Softness

I know I had another wish last year but since my uncle gave me an Anne Klein in a similar style, I decided I didn’t want that anymore. So instead I want this. I have a growing timepiece collection and this would definitely make a great addition to it, in the exact color please. Haha!

5. Incanto Charms

I smelled this on a former project mate and I instantly fell in love. With the scent of course, not with her! Haha! I’m not a fan of girly perfumes. I actually prefer men’s scents. But this one is absolutely perfect for my nostrils.

6. Burberry Summer

Another perfume that I want, that I almost bought when I was in Hong Kong last year, is Burberry Summer. I had to choose between this or Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lavender and the latter won out. But I still haven’t forgotten that I also want to have this one.

7. Forever 21 Gift Cards

Well, Forever 21 gift cards aren’t so bad too. At least I’d get to choose what I really want and make sure they’re in my size. I still haven’t gotten over my love for F21 clothes. They’re just perfect.

8. Charles & Keith Wallet

Actually even if it’s not Charles & Keith as long as it’s the same style as the ones below. I prefer one with lots of card compartments, a zippered compartment for coins, and preferably with a space for pictures, but that’s not so important. Actually, I change my mind. I’d actually love it more if it’s Charles & Keith. Hahaha! 😀


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