Cine Europa 15

I went to the EDSA Shangri-La Plaza mall last Saturday for some BDO business and to meet up with some friends. I had no clue that the 15th Cine Europa is already having its run. And it has begun since Thursday! Good thing I had to pass by this afternoon to get to an appointment in Ortigas. I got this flyer (are they still called flyers even if they’re not made of the usual glossy paper they use on magazines?) from this lady who was giving them out in the escalators goin’ up to the mall from the MRT station.

Cine Europa 15

If you’re new to this stuff, well, yeah, it is indeed free admission but you have to be in line really early since it’s on a first come, first served basis. The evening screenings of course have more viewers so you gotta make sure you’re there way ahead of the scheduled time. And this time there is also a raffle where if you’re lucky enough, get a round trip, economy class ticket to Europe!

Here is the back of the flyer where the participating movies, including the country where the movie if from, and the screening times are listed:

To help you decide which movies to pick, here is the list of those that will be shown tomorrow until Sunday, and their corresponding IMDb links:

September 11:

September 12:

September 13:

September 14:

September 15:

September 16:

There are 6 more days so let’s all head on out to Cinema 2 of the Shang Cineplex and try to watch at least one of the films. It’s nice to view foreign films once in a while and get a glimpse of another country’s culture through the movies they make. See you there!


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