3 Haikus Part IV

You are magical.

You, who make my dreams come true.

There’s no one like you.


Green, orange, and blue.

These are the colors of you.

Bright and full of life.


Tried to walk away.

Your pull is too strong for me.

Just like gravity.


3 Haikus Part III

The wind gives me chills.

I see you in the shadows.

Time just seemed to stop.


I hug you tighter.

You seem to push me away.

Then I let you go.


Suddenly she’s there.

She came to take you away.

You just up and left.


3 Haikus Part II

You’re who I prayed for.

You are the love of my life.

Let’s stay together.




We’re in the same room,

Looking at the same ceiling.

And yet I miss you.




You brighten my day.

Your smile is like a lamp light.

So warm when you’re near.



3 Haikus

I looked in your eyes.

I saw tenderness and love.

I blinked, and it’s gone.




I used to love you.

I chose you before myself.

But now I let go.




My heart’s full of light.

I’m happy when I’m with you.

Everything is bright.