Talaga? Oo!

I realize now how bad of a decision this is. I gave too much of myself too fast while you keep holding back. You will never be the one that stays and I can’t keep looking to you for the things I want, or the things that are ideal. Because right from the start you’ve already set the rules and determined up to how much you can give. And I can’t live like that. I want to be able to freely let my feelings flow and I should get the same from you. But I can’t and I won’t. So I guess it’s time to leave this as it is. A whirlwind romance of sorts. Could’ve been perfect but it will never be. It’s nothing but a temporary and fleeting happiness. A good while it lasts kind of fling. It’s another lesson in choosing and valuing myself. Because I am worth so much more than this. I deserve better than what you can give me. So let’s leave while we still have fond memories of each other. While there’s still some good feelings left. So that when we look back and remember, we will smile at the good times rather than cry at all the hurt it has caused us.