Iweesh is Complicated.

I am Iweesh and I like to ramble. Wanna know more about me? Ok here goes…

I am:

  • a drama queen
  • one of the boys
  • easy to please
  • high medium maintenance
  • a Facebook addict
  • a music lover (from Enya to Metallica)
  • a bookworm
  • sentimental
  • sensitive
  • a good listener
  • a talker
  • sleep deprived
  • always broke
  • acrophobic
  • a glutton foodie
  • afraid of spiders
  • a believer of destiny, kismet, serendipity, one true love, and all that crap
  • always heartbroken
  • a crybaby
  • intuitive
  • a movie buff
  • a dreamer
  • gay (not pertaining to sexual preference)
  • a hopeless romantic
  • having a quarter life semi-crisis

2 thoughts on “Iweesh is Complicated.

  1. Thanks Raffy at naappreciate mo. Marami pa sana ako gusto idagdag dun pero that time wala na ‘ko maisip. Tingnan natin kung may part 2. Hehe.

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